New Upright Cleco Pliers

clecall 2The Clecall Company has developed a new type of Cleco pliers and it claims to improve efficiency and ergonomics for a tool that's used by almost all homebuilders.

The traditional pliers are made from steel. The company says they are heavy, lack ergonomics to fit the user's hands and wrists, and have a large horizontal footprint when working in tight spaces. The Clecall Company, named after its purpose, “cleco all”, has made improvements to this staple tool with it’s “Clecall Upright Cleco Pliers.”

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MakerPlane and Vx Aviation Introduce Pre-Stall Warning Stick-Shaker

stick shakerMakerPlane and its development partner, Vx Aviation, have developed a low-cost, easy-to install stick shaker for Experimental/Amateur-Built Aircraft. The SWZL-1A controller system provides tactile feedback of an impending stall. The warning is based on a stall vane switch or angle-of-attack information received from an electronic flight information system (EFIS) serial data stream. The SWZL-1A controller directly drives a small vibration motor that is clamped to the control stick or control yoke of the aircraft. The device is compatible with EFIS systems from Dynon, Garmin, and Grand Rapids Technology (GRT).

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BERINGER Introduces New 4" Mains

Beringer-wheel-4-inch-with-brakeBERINGER Wheels & Brakes recently announced its new 4" main wheel and brake for light aircraft weighing up to 770 pounds. Cut from solid aluminum billet on precision CNC machinery and carrying Beringer’s signature bright red anodized finish, these new wheels and hydraulic brakes are introduced as the lightest ever available in their size, strength, and capability class.
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Air Compressor Repair Tip

When I finally got around to firing up my new air compressor, the drain valve wouldn't open. You're supposed to be able to open it with just your fingers, but I couldn't get it open even with a pair of pliers and destroyed it in the process. And, of course, no receipt, no warranty. Someone suggested that instead of just replacing the valve, I should put the new one on an extension so that it would be easier to get to than it had been at the original location on the bottom center of the tank. So, after a trip to the home improvement store to get all of the parts, including a new drain valve, I was ready to repair it for less than what the manufacturer wanted for a replacement valve. Continue reading "Air Compressor Repair Tip"

Sensenich Introduces New Rotax 912 Prop, Small Lycoming Version Coming Soon

Sensenich Propeller announced a new composite three-blade, fixed-pitch, ground-adjustable propeller last month that uses an innovative pitch-setting "slug" said to greatly improve blade angle accuracy. Called Precise Pitch, the replaceable cartridge sets the individual composite blades' angle in the two-piece hub. The composite blades have a full-length metal leading edge for abrasion protection.

The three-blade is intended for the Rotax 912, 912S, and 914, but Sensenich continues development of a larger version intended for the Continental O-200 and IO-240 as well as for the Lycoming O-235. Sensenich is also expected to announce a version of this prop for the Lycoming O-320 at next month's Sun 'n Fun Fly-in in Lakeland, Florida.

Prices for the three-blade have not been set, but the smaller versions of the two-blade prop with the new pitch-change mechanism start at $2556.

For more information, visit Sensenich's web site. Sensenich also has a short video showing how the pitch-change cartridge can be changed quickly.