Continental ECi Shows Off Counterweighted 370 Engine Series

Cutaway of ECi's 370 engine with counterweighted crankshaft.
Cutaway of ECi's 370 engine with counterweighted crankshaft.

Continental ECi engines has responded to the call to produce a stroked 360 engine with a counterweighted crankshaft. Their new 370 series engines are available with this option. This should prevent the vibration problems that were common in the higher-compression versions of their popular 370 series engines that resulted in a number of propeller problems. The engine, based on a stroked version of their parallel valve 360 cubic inch engine, has been popular with those builders who were looking for some extra power but didn’t want the extra weight of the 200 horsepower angle valve engine. No longer should those builders have to sacrifice a wide choice of propellers to get some extra power out of their engine. Continue reading "Continental ECi Shows Off Counterweighted 370 Engine Series"

CubCrafters BRS Chute


CubCrafters now offers an option for a BRS ballistic recovery chute, much the same as the one found in every new Cirrus. The new BRS installation was on display in the CubCrafters' booth at Sun 'n Fun so prospective customers and builders could get a good look at it. The package available for the kit version of the Carbon Cub EX-2 adds 43.5 pounds to the empty weight and costs $11,950. The BRS system can also be retrofitted on existing Carbon Cubs. Continue reading "CubCrafters BRS Chute"

Garmin's New Electronic Flight Instrument and Audio Panel

For Sun n' Fun 2016, Garmin has two major products for the experimental and LSA category. The G5 is a self-contained electronic flight instrument, which can be interfaced with Garmin's G3X/Touch avionics and autopilot for backup and flight instrument redundancy. The GMA245 and remote GMA245R Bluetooth audio panels have advanced entertainment input functions and onscreen programming. In this video, KitPlanes Magazine avionics editor Larry Anglisano takes a close look at both products with Garmin's Jessica Koss.


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Dynon announcing two new avionics products for experimental and light sport aircraft

Advanced AF-5700

Dynon Avionics and Advanced Flight Systems will bring two new avionics products for experimental and light sport aircraft. SkyView SE offers a streamlined and simplified experience for pilots of VFR aircraft. The SV-D600 7" and SV-D900 10" displays are priced hundreds of dollars lower than existing SkyView displays. From Dynon's Advanced Flight Systems division, the new AF-5700 display - featuring a new ADVANCED Touch interface - is the smallest form factor 12” EFIS available. Continue reading "Dynon announcing two new avionics products for experimental and light sport aircraft"

Kitplanes Flies the Diesel Sportsman!


Kitplanes Contributor David Prizio, and Editor in Chief Paul Dye, were the first journalists to fly the new Diesel Sportsman from Glasair. The aircraft, a carbon version constructed specifically to test the new engine from Continental Motors - was flown at the Glasair factory in Arlington, Washington, and exhibited performance, fit, and finish far superior to what was expected from a prototype machine. The airframe and engine had about 42 hours on it when the Kitplanes pilots got their hands on it, and several more when they were finished - it was hard not to keep flying it. While absolute speed and climb performance is lower than with the IO-390, that is to be expected with an engine rated for considerably less power. There are advantages however - with the standard turbocharger, the climb power remained constant to approximately 8,000'. Cruise fuel consumption is on the order of 7 gallons per hour at economy, and less if the aircraft is slowed down. The test team at Glasair is expecting that they might be able to see ten hours of endurance with the power pulled back, and full tanks - and those tanks would be full of cheaper Jet A.

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BERINGER Introduces New 4" Mains

Beringer-wheel-4-inch-with-brakeBERINGER Wheels & Brakes recently announced its new 4" main wheel and brake for light aircraft weighing up to 770 pounds. Cut from solid aluminum billet on precision CNC machinery and carrying Beringer’s signature bright red anodized finish, these new wheels and hydraulic brakes are introduced as the lightest ever available in their size, strength, and capability class.
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