Garmin's new inReach mini two-way satellite communicator


Garmin announced the inReach Mini, a smaller and more compact satellite communicator with available two-way messaging and a 24/7 SOS function when combined with an inReach subscription to access the Iridium® satellite network. Measuring just under 4 inches tall by 2 inches wide, and weighing 3.5 ounces, the inReach Mini can easily be carried in a backpack, boat, plane, or glovebox. No more worrying about spotty coverage or being within range of a cell tower - the inReach Mini works anywhere when using the Iridium satellite network. Continue reading "Garmin's new inReach mini two-way satellite communicator"

Superior Air Parts Offers Factory-New Continental A65 Cylinders

Superior's reintroduction of the popular cylinders gives owners of classic 1940's era Piper Cubs, Aeronca Champions, Ercoupes, Taylorcrafts and other types a much more reliable and cost-effective alternative to rebuilding worn out cylinders.

Scott Hayes, VP, Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced that the company has begun delivering factory-new Millennium Cylinders for the popular Continental Motors O-170/A65 engine. Continue reading "Superior Air Parts Offers Factory-New Continental A65 Cylinders"

Aircraft Spruce Super Sale Dates

Aircraft Spruce will hold it annual Super Sales at three locations in 2018:

In addition to the sale, visitors at the Peachtree City event can attend EAA SportAir workshops: Van's RV Aircraft Fiberglass Techniques, and Van's RV Assembly. Continue reading "Aircraft Spruce Super Sale Dates"

Six in Six

One of the problems with living in a beautiful western mountain setting is that it is hard to maintain instrument currency. Back on the Gulf Coast, there was a runway on the flat coastal plain about eight flying minutes from our airpark that had about six approaches to its single piece of concrete - an ILS, a VOR (from somewhere), and a sack full of GPS approaches. You could shoot the ILS in one direction, loop around and catch a GPS from the other, then do another ILS, grab the Back Course the other way, shoot the GOS from the ILS side - then pick one more, and you were done in less than an hour with you six month's worth of currency. And, of course, it paid to keep current, because there were always opportunities to fly real IFR, what with clouds and fronts and other weather phenomena associated with that part of the world. Out at the western edge of the Great Basin, we rarely have clouds worth the name - and when we do, they have ice in them. The mountains stick up far enough that the approach minimums are above those for VFR flight - so as we say, you can always fly out over the desert, let down, and just come up a valley. Continue reading "Six in Six"

Safari 500 at Sun 'n Fun

Safari 500

At Sun 'n Fun I had the opportunity to meet with Bobby and Delane Baker, the owners of Safari Helicopters. The Safari Helicopter line has a long history dating back to 1954--started by Harold "Pop" Emigh and the original Commuter which evolved into the Commuter II. The rights were bought by Murray Sweet and production was taken to Canada under the 'Canadian Home Rotors' brand name. A machinist by trade Murray made many evolutionary improvements to the helicopter and took it to Oshkosh in 1995. Due to the visual similarities with a Bell-47 the type became known as the "Baby Belle" but was later renamed the Safari. Continue reading "Safari 500 at Sun 'n Fun"

Leedom/Hlavac KitFox Lite


N200HL started life as a KitFox Lite kit. The engine is a Rotax 503 with a 3.47:1 reduction. The motor mount, carbon full cowl and the gear legs with coil spring absorption are all original designs. Mounted to the 503 is a 70" Warp Drive 3-blade prop and spinner. Continue reading "Leedom/Hlavac KitFox Lite"