AirVenture 2019 NOTAM Includes Important Changes

Oshkosh air traffic procedures are required reading for all aviators flying to AirVenture

There are several important Federal Aviation Administration-approved changes in the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), featuring arrival and departure procedures for the Experimental Aircraft Association's 67th annual fly-in convention July 22-28 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. These changes are based on pilot feedback and FAA review of arrival procedure recommendations. Continue reading "AirVenture 2019 NOTAM Includes Important Changes"

Keep it Covered

SubSonex canopy cover

Although our airplanes mostly live indoors, it is not uncommon to tie them down outside when we're on the road. Although a good canopy cover can be expensive, I have cut and fit enough canopies to know that I'd rather not do it again if I don't have to - and a few hundred dollars to take REALLY good care of the canopy (and protect the interior and avionics of the aircraft) is a good investment for me. So the little jet was going to need a cover - and I went to my usual supplier, Bruce's Aircraft Covers to see if they had a pattern. The answer was... maybe. They had engine plugs of the SubSonex, but the first canopy cover they sent was clearly for a two-place Sonex, and not the SubSonex, but they were quick to acknowledge the mistake, and ready and willing to proceed with making one that fit perfectly. The process was fairly simple, and surprisingly quick. Continue reading "Keep it Covered"


The innovation area tents which will house new and interesting technology sit open to the elements most of the year.

There's a countdown clock at EAA Headquarters, and today it showed just 87 days and some-odd hours until the start of AirVenture 2019. In the meantime, a tour of the grounds on the west side of Wittman Regional Airport shows nothing but... skeletons. Continue reading "Skeletons"

Bearhawk Designer Bob Barrows Injured in Landing Crash

Image: Steve Craddock / WBTV News

Bob Barrows, who designed the Bearhawk line of Experimental aircraft, suffered a landing accident on approach to Holly Ridge/Topsail Island Airport (N21) on Monday. According to reports, Barrows clipped power lines on approach and the Bearhawk LSA impacted the turf runway in a strongly nose-down attitude. Continue reading "Bearhawk Designer Bob Barrows Injured in Landing Crash"

BIG: Mojave Experimental Fly-In 2019

A clean, rounded cowling and Catto 3-blade fixed-pitch mark the Dendy Tailwind. Power comes from an otherwise stock O-320 Lycoming with 9.0:1 pistons. Dendry reports a 180 mph cruise at a busy 2740 rpm and 8 gph.

If the Mojave Experimental Fly-In had a theme in 2019 it turned out to be "big."

The planned part of big was Mike Patey arriving in Draco, the over-the-top Wilga on Pratt & Whitney turbine steroids. Certainly the hero-class leader of back country STOL experimentals, "Draco" features PT-6 power and a showy, high-gloss and feature-packed persona to wow 'em out west. His low, slow and high-angle demonstration certainly didn't go unnoticed when Draco arrived mid-morning. Continue reading "BIG: Mojave Experimental Fly-In 2019"