All of Us are Smarter than Any of Us

One of the best things about this job is the number of contacts I get from members of the homebuilding community - It's like being at Oshkosh every day of the year! I get information on new projects, old projects, what people are working on... and questions, like the one below. The thing is - while I pride myself on knowing a lot of aviation trivia, I also find that the more I learn, the more I learn that I still don't know. Yup - there are obscure, limited edition (or even one-off) airplanes that have escaped my notice. Many of them in fact. Continue reading "All of Us are Smarter than Any of Us"

Me and the Val


It is so easy to take things for granted when you have had them for a long time. I've been flying my RV-8, which I named "Valkyrie" since 2005 - just about 1900 hours ago on the old airframe clock. We've been from coast to coast and border to border together, flown in good weather, flown in bad. We've carried camping gear to Oshkosh and Christmas presents to Minnesota. Her panel has changed and evolved, with new equipment coming through for testing - some of it staying, some being replaced by other things. There are signs of wear here and there - a dirty spot on the paint behind the throttle where my arm rests, a small dent in the wing where I dropped a screwdriver once... but overall, she's a good and capable ship that keeps on giving enjoyment, even though she doesn't fly as many hours each year because her siblings need time as well. Continue reading "Me and the Val"