Indoor Aviating at Mojave

Karl Schultz tries to believe his dad, Scott's, admonition that his Build & Fly glider really will be more fun if they replace the vertical tail. Karl wasn't having any interruptions, however, even if dad works at Virgin Galaxtic.

It's taken seven years for us to attend the Friday night glider build and free-flight soaring competition at the Mojave Experimental Fly-In, but this was finally our year, and it was good, low key fun. We didn't build anything last Friday night, but enjoyed catching up with friends, ate a little pizza and watched the youngsters--and some old guys--have some fun playing with balsa wood. Continue reading "Indoor Aviating at Mojave"

An Aviating Day

Aviating over the Sierras

It's been an odd winter for our area - lots of low cloud days and precipitation here in the Lake Tahoe region - and that has limited the fun flying ever since November. But today was a Saturday that dawned calm and clear... and there were missions to be flown! Instead of setting up to fly the jet, I took off at the crack of dawn in our RV-3, headed south to rendezvous with my wife in Bishop, California for breakfast. She has ben spending the week there doing some cycling training with an old teammate of hers form their glory days with USA Cycling, and I thought I'd drop in to see how they were doing - and have breakfast at the marvelous Schat's Bakery, familiar to any Californian who has traveled the eastern Sierra. Continue reading "An Aviating Day"

Leaving Lakeland

Until next year, that is! Sun 'n Fun 2019 is in the bag, and while we in the media often tend to concentrate our coverage on new products, programs, and services, the truth is that the first major airshow of the year is really about re-connecting with our aviation friends - whether they be in a booth or camping in a tent beside their airplane. Sun 'n Fun is a sign that winter is ending, airplanes are coming out of hangars, and people are once again stretching their wings and exercising their engines. Continue reading "Leaving Lakeland"