Boeing Buys ForeFlight

Boeing announced on Wednesday that it has acquired aviation app company ForeFlight. ForeFlight has been working in partnership with Jeppesen--also owned by Boeing--for the last two years to offer Jeppesen's aeronautical data and charts on ForeFlight mobile platforms. Although the exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Boeing says the ForeFlight and Jepessen teams will "integrate talent and offerings" going forward. Continue reading "Boeing Buys ForeFlight"

Garmin expands aviation database coverage and capabilities in Australia

Garmin announced it has received approval of a CASR 175.C Data Service Provider (DSP) certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), enabling expanded aviation database coverage in Australia. In addition to the integration of Airservices Australia data into the suite of Garmin databases, Garmin Pilot™ within Australia has also expanded to offer additional data and supports connectivity between Apple mobile devices and compatible avionics in the cockpit, including wireless flight plan transfer. Pilots can now take advantage of these new databases in Australia within Garmin Pilot, as well as in a new, cost-effective PilotPak database bundle on the flyGarmin® website. Continue reading "Garmin expands aviation database coverage and capabilities in Australia"

Making Chips for a Purpose!

The plain DPDT toggle switch.

It's nice to have a milling machine, and even nicer to have a specific task for which it is well suited!

The flaps in the original Subsonex were manual, with a lever on the left side of the cockpit. A recent change added an electric option, and I went with that in my jet - which meant I needed a place for a flap switch. I managed to shoehorn a DPDT toggle switch into the only available space on the left side of the cockpit, but the old human factors and cockpit design engineer in me just wasn't happy with a simple toggle bat for an important switch. Continue reading "Making Chips for a Purpose!"

Superior Buying Back All XP-400 and XP-382 Engines

Superior XP-400 crankshaft
Superior XP-400 crankshaft

Superior Air Parts announces it is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back program for all XP-382 and XP-400 experimental engines

The company is contacting each XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental engine owner to arrange to immediately buy-back their engine.

Scott Hayes, VP, Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back of all the Superior Air Parts XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental aircraft engines in the field.
Continue reading "Superior Buying Back All XP-400 and XP-382 Engines"