Video Brief: Advanced Flight Systems EFIS.

Boy, ya gotta see this... Advanced Flight Systems has come up with a unique way of combining synthetic vision and a hybrid attitude indicator and HSI for its experimental-only EFIS system. KITPLANES editor Marc Cook recently took a flight with Advanced Flight System's Rob Hickman in an RV-10 equipped with this new system and reports on the details in this video.

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Grand Rapids Tech Introduces Sport SX

GRT's Sport SX single-piece (no remote AHRS) EFIS now includes synthetic vision and a faster processor.

Grand Rapids Technologies has expanded its EFIS lineup with the introduction of the Sport SX. Until recently, the company’s EFIS lineup was neatly divided between the Horizon HX, which includes synthetic vision, and the Sport models, which could not be fitted with SV. The key point is that the HX required an external AHRS module, while the Sport EFIS carried its AHRS equipment inside the main display box.

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Two Homebuilt Aviation Luminaries

The homebuilt aviation community lost two longtime, ardent enthusiasts recently with the passing of Morry Hummel, 93, and Howard Levy, 88.

Hummel was the designer of the Hummel Bird and UltraCruiser as well as his one-of-a-kind design, the Eagle. In the 1970s, he decided he wanted a metal light plane, so he built one and flew it to Oshkosh. The HummelBird caught the attention of like-minded builders and Hummel was soon selling plans for it. His follow-on Ultracruiser was designed to be able to fit the Part 103 Ultralight category. Continue reading "Two Homebuilt Aviation Luminaries"