Spider Tracks Viewer for iPhone Now Available

Spider Tracks Ltd. of New Zealand has announced the launch of its iSpiderViewer, available as a free download from the iTunes app store (search for spidertracks to find it). iSpiderViewer allows people to track multiple aircraft or vehicles on their iPhones. It shows the most recently updated position of the aircraft or vehicle in real time and also the full track, including takeoff and landing locations. If the user has multiple spiders, the display order is based on the date or time of the last track. Symbols indicate the spider’s status and whether the aircraft is moving, is being monitored or if it has generated an emergency alert. Continue reading "Spider Tracks Viewer for iPhone Now Available"

TRIG Mode S Transponders Feature ADS-B Out Readiness

The Trig T21 Mode S transponder is now equipped with a 1090 MHz squitter for ADS-B Out capability.

TRIG Avionics Limited, a UK-based group, has included ADS-B extended squitters in all of its 2010 TT21, TT22 and TT31 Mode S transponders, which range in price from $2200 to $2600, and are available and supported through Southeast Aerospace in Melbourne, Florida.

The TT21 and TT22 models are billed the smallest and lightest Mode S general aviation transponders, weighing just 1 pound (less than 500 grams) and fitting into a standard 2,25-inch instrument panel cutout. The TIS (traffic information service) readouts can be displayed onto a range of Garmin portable GPS products. Both transponders are designed for very light aircraft, including balloons and sailplanes, and can operate with simple battery power. Continue reading "TRIG Mode S Transponders Feature ADS-B Out Readiness"

Erik Lindbergh Uses SwiftFuel Powered Aircraft During SnF

Erik Lindbergh and his Lancair arrived in Paris in 2002.

Watch for Lindbergh (grandson of Charles Lindbergh) as he pilots an Experimental Piper Seminole at Lakeland's Linder Airport during this year's Sun 'n Fun air show using 100SF developed by Swift Enterprises Ltd., a firm based at the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, Indiana. When not in the air, the plane will be located at the event's exhibit space shared by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Swift Enterprises.

"The future of general aviation is quickly evolving toward alternative aviation fuels," Lindbergh said. "I'm delighted to be working with Swift Enterprises and Embry-Riddle to help solve the leaded fuel challenge for general aviation."

SwiftFuel is a near drop-in replacement for 100LL fuel currently used throughout the general aviation sector. SwiftFuel does not use lead, ethanol, toluene or oxygenates, and produces fewer pollutants than 100LL fuel and 15% more volumetric energy than 100LL fuel. Additionally, SwiftFuel does not require any additives or stabilizers, according to Mary Rusek, president of Swift Enterprises. Continue reading "Erik Lindbergh Uses SwiftFuel Powered Aircraft During SnF"

Garmin Introduces Synthetic Vision for G3X/G300 EFIS

Called SVX, synthetic vision is coming to the G3X (for homebuilts and LSAs) and G300 (for the Cessna Skycatcher) EFIS packages. A software update for the G3x/G300 was unveiled at Sun 'n Fun today that enables the SV features, which include mapped terrain and obstacles that appear on the G3X's primary flight display (PFD). Airports and runways are also depicted in a fashion similar to the G600's SV that was introduced last year. The SV is drawn both in the upper portion of the screen and underlaid beneath the HSI. A single-screen system can still use SV with the screens in "split" mode—attitude at the top and moving-map below—while a two-screen system is intended for the PDF to be displayed on one screen and the moving map on other. Continue reading "Garmin Introduces Synthetic Vision for G3X/G300 EFIS"