Legislation Introduced in House and Senate to Correct FAA's "Through the Fence" Airport Policy

This just in from the Through the Fence Organization.


The "Community Airport Access and Protection Act of 2010" was introduced yesterday to Congress by the Honorable Sam Graves (R MO) and Honorable Leonard Boswell (R IA) to correct the FAA's recent policy to prohibit "through the fence" access at any airport receiving Airport Improvement Grant monies. Senator James Inhofe (R OK) has introduced a similar bill on the Senate side.

The FAA prohibited "through the fence" (TTF) access in its Airport Compliance Manual Order 5190.6b which was released September 30, 2009, without any public or alphabet group input.  In addition, a Freedom of Information Act request made by the aviation group ThroughTheFence.org revealed that essentially no data, studies, or non FAA personnel’s opinion went into the new order. Continue reading "Legislation Introduced in House and Senate to Correct FAA's "Through the Fence" Airport Policy"

Superflite Practice Kits

Superflite practice kits are now available from Wicks Aircraft supply for builders interested in learning how to work with Superflite finishing materials or who need to make small repairs to a fabric-covered aircraft.

The kits include a comprehensive, illustrated manual and DVD, a yard of Superflite fabric, a 6-inch straight needle, 3 yards of surface tape and an equal amount of rib-stitching cord, a glue gun, “invisible” gloves, a pint of adhesive, a pint of primer base, and equal amounts of primer catalyst and flex agent, plus a quart of reducer. For $125, the kit can provide enough experience that builders may feel comfortable tackling a larger project.

For more information about the practice kits, call 800/221-9425 or visit www.wicksaircraft.com.

AeroConversions Introduces AeroInjector

This just in from AeroConversions:

"Sonex Aircraft, LLC is pleased to announce another new enhancement to the popular AeroConversions AeroCarb product line with the introduction of the lighter and more compact AeroInjector! Saving approximately 9 ounces and several cubic inches of engine compartment space vs. the AeroCarb, the new AeroInjector is being introduced first in the popular 32mm and 35mm sizes, and have become standard equipment on all new AeroVee Engine Kits.

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Sling Prototype Lost in South Africa

The aircraft that pilots Mike Blyth and James Pitman used to circumnavigate the globe last year, the Airplane Factory Sling, crashed during spin testing off the South African Kwa-Zulu coast on February 13. Both test pilots survived, but the airplane was destroyed.

Sling 300

In view of the aircraft's performance well beyond 1320 pounds, a decision was made to certify the Sling not only in accordance with the ASTM LSA standard, but also to 1543 pounds. This required further flight testing which could be performed at the same time as spin testing, which had not yet been completed. The company arranged for a qualified test pilot, Carlos Garcia-Cabral, and his colleague, Shaun Fraser, to perform spin testing from Virginia Airport in Durban. A progressive spin program was agreed incorporating discretion for the pilot to determine appropriate incremental steps and safety requirements. Continue reading "Sling Prototype Lost in South Africa"

Video Brief: Advanced Flight Systems EFIS.

Boy, ya gotta see this... Advanced Flight Systems has come up with a unique way of combining synthetic vision and a hybrid attitude indicator and HSI for its experimental-only EFIS system. KITPLANES editor Marc Cook recently took a flight with Advanced Flight System's Rob Hickman in an RV-10 equipped with this new system and reports on the details in this video.

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