Baker Sonex


I completed my scratch-built Sonex on February 28, 2015. First flight was March 8, 2015. Sonex SN 1534 is a taildragger and equipped with an 80HP Aerovee engine, MGL Extreme EFIS, MGL V6 radio, Sandia mode C transponder, Ameriking AK451 ELT. It took 3 years and 1450 hours to scratch-build in my garden shed.

- Dana Baker, Sonex N1534S

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It’s Turbo Time! Sonex Introduces AeroVee Turbo Engine.

AeroVee TurboSonex Aircraft is now accepting orders for its long-anticipated AeroVee Turbo engine, with deliveries to begin in the fourth quarter of 2014. The AeroVee Turbo is rated at 100 horsepower at sea level and yields significant performance enhancement to the Sonex line of aircraft without breaking the bank. Price of the AeroVee Turbo is $10,995, and an AeroVee Turbo upgrade package is available for installation with existing AeroVee engines, even those already installed and flying, at a price of $3,995.

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First Customer-Built Onex Flies

Sonex Aircraft announced that the first customer-built example of its new Onex single-place, folding-wing, aerobatic sport aircraft has flown. Bill Fisher of Jackson, Tennessee, piloted his AeroVee powered, standard gear Onex for the first time on May 10. Fisher received the fourth Onex kit from the company, shipped last summer.

The Onex is designed to offer an economical way to build and fly a sport aircraft. The folding-wing design means the plane can fit into a garage or share a T hangar with other aircraft, and can be trailered on local roads. The wing panels are easily removed for trailering at highway speeds. Continue reading "First Customer-Built Onex Flies"