Upgrade to a New Plane-Power Alternator, Get $150 Trade-in Credit

Plane-Power $150 Alternator Trade-In Credit

Hartzell Engine Technologies announced that the company is offering aircraft owners a $150 trade-in credit on legacy Chrysler and Ford alternators when they upgrade to a new-generation Plane-Power alternator.


"Ford alternators were used exclusively on single-engine Cessnas in the 1970s and early 1980s. In similar fashion, Piper installed the Chrysler alternators on their new singles during the same time," Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies said.

Because homebuilders often reuse  firewall-forward packages from Cessna and Piper aircraft, many of these alternators are likely to be found on Experimental category airplanes, too. Continue reading "Upgrade to a New Plane-Power Alternator, Get $150 Trade-in Credit"

Plane-Power Announces New Alternator

Plane-Power Ltd. has introduced its FAA-certified C28-150, a lightweight, high-output, gear-driven, 150-amp alternator for Continental 520 and 550 engines. The alternator features built-in noise filtration and can be used with customers' existing alternator gear/clutch assemblies.

The key to the C28-150's performance is its unique combination of high-quality components, precision manufactured hair pin stator assembly and a very efficient, proprietary cooling design, said Jason Hutchison, assistant general manager of Plane-Power Ltd. "At just 13 pounds installed weight, the C28-150 is unmatched in its ability to provide very high continuous output of 150 amps while maintaining the lowest operating temperatures in the fleet. The result is a very high output alternator with very high reliability."

The alternators are manufactured at the company's Granbury, Texas, factory and retail for $1299.

For more information visit www.plane-power.com or call 877/934-5700.

Plane Power Introduces Fly Safe Alternator

For those who like the idea of a redundant power source, Plane Power has announced the Fly Safe, a 30-amp, less-than-6-pound alternator designed to plug into a standard vacuum pad. It's available with an internal regulator, panel-mounted warning light and automatic dimmer for $795, or the price is $695 without the internal regulator and monitor panel. Plane Power is offering a $100 discount on these units through the end of 2010. For those who want this capability in their type-certified airplane, Plane Power will begin the certification process for the Fly Safe alternator in the fall of 2010. Continue reading "Plane Power Introduces Fly Safe Alternator"

Plane-Power Keeps the Juice Flowing

There's nothing like meeting vendors face-to-face to get instantaneous answers to your questions about their products, and the aisles in the four large commercial buildings at Sun 'n Fun were chocked full of information seekers. I spent a bit of time with Stephen and Linda Klodd of Plane-Power, chatting about the latest innovations in powering up your flying machine.

What initially caught my eye was an elegant little voltage regulator, its flat-pack form factor about a quarter of the height of the traditional mechanical regulators.

Stephen explained that the regulator on display had several features that you just couldn't get before, such as reverse polarity protection should you accidentally reverse your battery terminals, user-switchable to either 14 or 28 volts systems, user-adjustable output voltage, and when used with another one (as with a twin), the two regulators will load share with just two conductors connecting them together. And, it's PMA approved for installation into certified aircraft. All for $169.

Plane-Power also had lightweight alternators (Experimental aircraft only) on display in 60- and 70-amp varieties. Priced at $459 and $479 respectively, these units are another cost effective way to significantly increase the electrical power available in your airplane with minimal investment. And, these units come with all necessary hardware, mount, and even a new wiring harness to finish off your upgrade.

Finally, I took a look at the slick little alternator designed for the venerable Continental O-200. With a full 50 amps of output power, this gear-driven unit not only greatly upgrades the old generators originally used by Continental, but will save significant weight as well. It also allows for a greatly simplified electrical system, as the voltage regulation is internal. Not quite yet available for certified aircraft, Plane-Power is expecting the FAA's blessing in short order.

It occurred to me that Plane-Power is doing for alternators what SkyTek did for starters, and upon sharing that observation with Stephen and Linda, they heartily concurred. More information about the full Plane-Power line-up can be had at plane-power.com.