American Legend Introduces Super Legend XP

American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the availability of its new Super Legend XP. The enhanced performance version of the company's Legend Cub incorporates a number of new features.

The Super Legend XP (eXtra Performance) is now available as an E-LSA or EAB. Enhancement modifications include square wing tips, extended flaps and ailerons, 40-gallons-usable fuel tanks, and more. Great slow speed characteristics, higher top speed, and greater control authority are the result of the wing modifications. Extra fuel capacity allows for longer roundtrip/backcountry flights without a fuel stop. Continue reading "American Legend Introduces Super Legend XP"

$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub

Bosch fuel injection is used on the new Superior Gemini diesel. What look like cam covers are actually crankshaft covers in this opposed-cylinder engine.
Bosch fuel injection is used on the new Superior Gemini diesel. What look like cam covers are actually crankshaft covers in this opposed-cylinder engine.

General aviation engines too stagnant for you? Superior Air Parts has an affordable cure coming in their just announced Gemini diesel at $24,900. First application is on the Super Legend Cub as we learned in a joint announcement from Superior and Legend Cub this morning at AirVenture.

No clone this, the new Gemini - it is a water cooled, two-crankshaft, opposed piston 3-cylinder 2-stroke. That means three cylinder bores, each with two pistons reciprocating towards each other. The dual crankshafts live at the outer ends of the engine where the valves and rocker arms normally found in typical horizontally-opposed aircraft engines. Continue reading "$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub"

Super Legend Early Bird Pricing Ends July 31

The Super Legend incorporates modern materials, avionics, powerplant and ergonomics. New carbon-fiber, body-conforming molded seats make sitting in the aircraft extremely comfortable. Providing access to remote areas is what Cubs do best. Getting all your stuff there is now much easier with a folding rear seat. There's also a newly added external baggage door. An Alaska edition with extended baggage area, baggage tubes for carrying fishing poles and firearms is also in the works. Equipped with a Night VFR avionics suite from either Dynon or Garmin, getting out and back to your secret destination will also be much easier. Continue reading "Super Legend Early Bird Pricing Ends July 31"

LSA Road Show Continues in Colorado

Building on the success of the previous tours in Florida and Georgia, seven Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) manufacturers and distributors are continuing their flying roadshow in Colorado. Timed to coincide with the Colorado Pilots Association Rocky Mountain LSA expo at the Front Range Airport, the collaborators have scheduled stops in four airports within the state. “This tour has created an intimate atmosphere for purchasers to see planes, without the noise of a show,” said Bill Canino of SportairUSA, one of the participants. “We meet people who are looking to make that jump to aircraft ownership, but are unable to get to traditional aviation events,” said Dave Graham at Legend Aircraft. Continue reading "LSA Road Show Continues in Colorado"