Sunshine Clipper

Sunshine Clipper

We at Kitplanes are always looking for new and different airplanes to review, and we found this one right under our noses at the annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-in in Lakeland. It has been greeting visitors as they walk into the show from the camping area for years, and we just assumed that someone had covered it before - but sifting through our dusty archives, it is apparent this fine effort at homebuilding has been all but ignored. An unfortunate situation, and one we'll rectify here! Continue reading "Sunshine Clipper"

MVP.AERO announces Most Versatile Plane.



MVP.Aero is developing a carbon fiber folding-wing LSA amphibian that will be able to operate comfortably from smooth and rough strips, water, snow, and ice. The design's most compelling feature is that the forward canopy moves upward and back to sit atop the engine pylon. This frees up the nose of the MVP to resemble the front of a classic bass-type fishing boat. The flat forward surface is large enough for two people to stretch out and sleep after deploying a fitted tent and inflating a fitted air mattress. There's also a hammock that stretches between the rear of the engine pylon and the tail. A prop lock mechanism prevents someone from firing up the Rotax 912/914 engine with the hammock attached.

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Searey Introduces New Frise Aileron, Sliding Canopy, and Paint Scheme.


Progressive Aerodyne, manufacturer of Searey light sport amphibious airplanes, has developed a new Frise aileron for all new Searey factory-built and kit-built airplanes. The new aileron provides more balanced and responsive control, especially in severe conditions and wind gusts. Progressive Aerodyne conducted extensive static load and flight testing on the new aileron, and the results exceeded the design standards and expectations. The new aileron can be retrofitted to all Experimental and SLSA Seareys.

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Thomas Yowell's SeaRey "Top Fun"

The first flights of my SeaRey LSX, with the Rotax 914 Turbo, that made it the "Top Fun" amphibian it is today occurred in May 2012. It's so much fun, it's barely legal. The previous articles in Kitplanes about SeaReys are all true. My plane was first completed with a Viking 110 engine, but initial flights were not to my satisfaction, so I begrudgingly sold my nearly completed RV-12 kit and purchased a 914, which made a dramatic difference in the SeaRey's performance. With help from several guys at the factory and close friends, I now have my dream plane.

Location: Minneola, Florida

e-mail address:

Wipaire, Inc. Introduces Wipline 1450 Floats

The all new Wipline 1450 float is designed for use on Light Sport Aircraft and other small aircraft. The landing gear incorporates rotating joints for long life and low maintenance, while extra buoyancy ensures stable water operations, the company says. The amphibious floats have an expected weight of 210 to 225 pounds including rigging. The Wipline 1450 will be available in both amphibious and seaplane versions.

All amphibious floats include a landing gear advisory system. The float paint option includes a base coat of white or silver grey submersion paint and custom base coats and stripes per quote.

The introductory price on the amphibious floats is $30,000, and the seaplane version is $23,000. Installation cost is TBD.

For more information, call 651/451-1205 or visit


Progressive Aerodyne Will Host Open House

Progressive Aerodyne, manufacturer of the Searey amphibian kit aircraft, is having an open house on Wednesday, January 18 at its Tavares, Florida, headquarters. The day will include technical and flying discussions covering many aspects of building, flying and living the "Searey lifestyle," the company says.

Visitors can fly, boat or drive in to the facility to join other members of the the Searey community of builders and pilots, along with those who are interested in the design. Continue reading "Progressive Aerodyne Will Host Open House"