Pro-G Hub Issued FAA-PMA

Approach Fast Stack, a manufacturer of avionics interface products, announced that its popular Pro-G hub was been issued an FAA-PMA (Federal Aviation Administration Parts Material Authorization).

The Approach modular wiring system interconnects avionics equipment with a central hub and ready-made cables for the major avionics manufacturers in the market including Garmin panel-mount systems. All of the cables are double-shielded and grounded at the hub, the company says, which eliminates the possibility of ground loops and protects against noise being introduced into the avionics system. Approach helps customers develop the package they need, along with installation and operation of the system once installed as well as providing interface documentation and support.

“We always strive for the highest quality in our products,” said General Manager Tim Hass, “and the issuance of the FAA-PMA will help us achieve the results we and our customers expect… We are proud to have achieved this FAA-PMA qualification.”

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