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Stereo plug in a stereo jack - all contacts hit where they should
Stereo plug in a stereo jack - all contacts hit where they should

I love solving problems--it is just hard to find the time to work on the little ones. I have been wiring avionics for more than three decades, and I have wired audio panels in both stereo and mono more times than I can count. I've used just about every headset you can think of, and I have used stereo headsets in mono airplanes, and mono headsets in stereo ships. It usually works out, but sometimes, you just have this little problem that won't go away. Continue reading "Always More to Learn"

Experimental Audio Panel Bench Review

Whether you are upgrading the audio system in an older LSA or experimental or building a new project, PS Engineering and Garmin have non-certified audio panels equipped with advanced features better suited for smaller cabins. In this video, Kitplanes magazine contributor Larry Anglisano puts three of them on the bench for a look and listen.

Lynx Announces Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Lynx Avionics has announced a new Bluetooth audio adapter for use with its Micro System headsets, which includes a built-in Bluetooth telephone and music interface. The adapter is designed specifically for use in open-cockpit aircraft, and features a waterproof enclosure and a large multi-function control button that can be used when wearing gloves. The adapter has a built-in belt clip and may be mounted permanently using Velcro, screws, tube clips or cable tie saddles. Continue reading "Lynx Announces Bluetooth Headset Adapter"

Angel in the Cockpit

ComLinkPro has introduced the Angel, a lightweight audio headset interface with built-in stereo Bluetooth wireless technology, input and output jacks, and an integrated flight calculator. Using Bluetooth, Angel allows you to connect your cell phone for sending and receiving calls. You can also stream stereo music from Bluetooth-enabled MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs or satellite radios. You can download and navigate your phone contacts and call lists, and control your Bluetooth MP3 player directly with this device, the company says. A cell-phone and stereo audio jack allow wired connections in addition to an audio output jack to record radio communications or provide narration while videotaping. The Angel also automatically mutes the phone and/or the music in the event of a radio call. Continue reading "Angel in the Cockpit"