Mastering the Navigator

Well, perhaps "mastering" is too strong a word, but the second and final day of the Avidyne 440/540 class certainly worked to develop our skill with the units where flying them in IFR conditions is within the scope of our capability. It's not like the old days where all you needed to be able to do was tune in the correct VOR frequency and diddle the OBS to center the needle – along with the great capability of such navigators (whether from Avidyne or Garmin) comes the responsibility to learn the many complexities to avoid getting caught at the dead end of a logic path while bumping around in the clouds. Continue reading "Mastering the Navigator"

What's in the Box?

Today, as part of a class taught by Gary Reeves (of on how to master the Avidyne IFD 440/540 IFR navigators, we paid a visit to Avidyne Avionics' facility in Melbourne, Florida. There, we got to see exactly what is inside the box—in this case, the box of a 540 sent in for an upgrade and checkout. The answer, as you can see from this picture, is a whole lot of very tightly packed electronics. Continue reading "What's in the Box?"

Avidyne Certifies IFD550, R10.2 and More

Avidyne Corporation announced that they have received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval and an Approved Model List- Supplemental Type Certificate (AML-STC) for their new IFD550 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM with Attitude Reference System (ARS). This certification also includes FAA approval of Release 10.2 (R10.2) software provide include a host of new features including Synthetic Vision and two-way wireless connectivity with Avidyne’s new IFD100 iPad App. Avidyne has also received approval for their new, IFD545, IFD510 and IFD410 FMS/GPS systems. Continue reading "Avidyne Certifies IFD550, R10.2 and More"

Avidyne Makes Innovative Use of IFD Series GPS Systems With iPads

Electric Panel IFD550 Dual iPad
IFD550 Dual iPad

Avidyne Corporation announced that they are showcasing some innovative “big glass” configurations in their booth at AirVenture this year that leverage the wireless capabilities of their IFD Series FMS/GPS systems and their new IFD100 iPad app, continuing to bridge the gap between certified and non-certified systems for general aviation aircraft. Continue reading "Avidyne Makes Innovative Use of IFD Series GPS Systems With iPads"

Avidyne Announces Growing List of 3rd Party Apps for IFD-Series FMS/GPS Systems

IFD100 iPadPro 440

Avidyne Corporation announced that there is a growing list of compatible third-party applications that can communicate wirelessly with Avidyne's full line of IFD Series FMS/GPS systems. The current list of apps includes ForeFlight Mobile, FlightPlanGO, Seattle Avionics FlyQ, AvPlan EFB, Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck, Cloud Ahoy, and AeroGlass. Continue reading "Avidyne Announces Growing List of 3rd Party Apps for IFD-Series FMS/GPS Systems"