Australia Mandates Control Cable Replacement At 15 Years

control cablesAustralia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has issued a final rule that will require the full replacement and re-rigging of primary flight control cable system assemblies in most aircraft in Australia by January of 2018. The rule does not apply to secondary control system cables. In the last seven years, there have been 48 reported incidents of cable control terminal failure due to stress corrosion cracking and CASA says the cheapest and most effective way to mitigate the hazard is to replace the entire primary flight control cable system every 15 years. It would appear that virtually every aircraft more than 15 years old on Jan. 1, 2018, except for a relative few (mostly airliners) maintained through a maintenance steering group-3 (MSG-3) process, will have to have all-new primary control cables to remain airworthy. There is no indication yet that the FAA intends to impose a similar measure. The problem originates in the stainless steel connectors that link the cables to various fittings throughout the control systems. Continue reading "Australia Mandates Control Cable Replacement At 15 Years"

FAA Launches New Rulemaking For 3rd Class Medicals

aopa_medical-imageThe FAA said on Wednesday it is starting a rulemaking project that will explore whether to allow private pilots, in certain instances, to use a driver's license instead of an FAA medical certificate. The FAA added that it is "still considering" a petition from AOPA and EAA that was submitted in March 2012, asking the FAA to allow recreational pilots to skip the FAA medical. "The FAA is considering whether it can provide any relief to the medical requirement, while maintaining safety, prior to completion of the rule," according to Wednesday's announcement. EAA and AOPA were quick to welcome the news on Wednesday afternoon.

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SocialFlight Selected for the KITPLANES Calendar

KITPLANES has formed a partnership with Where2 Interactive, maker of the SocialFlight web-based aviation even calendar and app for mobile devices, to improve the display of upcoming aviation-related events for our readers. Joining KITPLANES and SocialFlight in this partnership are AVweb and General Aviation News.


SocialFlight's mission is to support and energize General Aviation by giving pilots places to go and more reasons to fly.  The SocialFlight event database includes activities important to pilots such as Aircraft Fly-ins, Air Shows, Pancake Breakfasts, Conventions, FAA Safety Seminars and much more. SocialFlight users can search for events, add events, chat, upload photos, get email notifications, send event notices to their friends and even add events automatically to their Google or Outlook calendar. Continue reading "SocialFlight Selected for the KITPLANES Calendar"