BIG: Mojave Experimental Fly-In 2019

A clean, rounded cowling and Catto 3-blade fixed-pitch mark the Dendy Tailwind. Power comes from an otherwise stock O-320 Lycoming with 9.0:1 pistons. Dendry reports a 180 mph cruise at a busy 2740 rpm and 8 gph.

If the Mojave Experimental Fly-In had a theme in 2019 it turned out to be "big."

The planned part of big was Mike Patey arriving in Draco, the over-the-top Wilga on Pratt & Whitney turbine steroids. Certainly the hero-class leader of back country STOL experimentals, "Draco" features PT-6 power and a showy, high-gloss and feature-packed persona to wow 'em out west. His low, slow and high-angle demonstration certainly didn't go unnoticed when Draco arrived mid-morning. Continue reading "BIG: Mojave Experimental Fly-In 2019"

2015 Oshkosh AirVenture Awards


Classic Home Built Special Award - Large Plaque
307th Bomb Wing - 93rd Bomb Squadron Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana 1961 B-52H, 61-0029

Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaques
Philip J. Conway Chatfield, Minnesota 2013 Glasair IIS, N11HC
David Schmitz & Derek James Louisville, Kentucky 2014 Van’s RV-8, N8782D
Christopher Lucas New Bern, North Carolina 2011 Van’s RV-10, N919AR
Rodney Jarrell Phoenix, Arizona 2014 Van’s RV-10, N104AZ
Peter Richmond Annapolis, Maryland 2015 Sportsman GS-2, N767KV
Donald Yoakley Fleming Island, Florida 2014 Glasair III, N97KD

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Seguin Awarded Spirit of Flight

The face of the Spirit of Flight: Elliott Seguin
The face of the Spirit of Flight: Elliott Seguin

Last night the Society of Experimental Test Pilots awarded Elliott Seguin with the Spirit of Flight. The honor was bestowed at the Homebuilder's Dinner during the EAA's Air Venture annual convention.

We think the award's name particularly fits the effervescent Seguin who is employed at Scaled Composites. Nearly single-handedly he's popularized experimental and sport aviation in the Mojave and greater area with his tireless enthusiasm. Both a participant and promoter, Seguin has brought much attention to cutting edge homebuilding and his own personal accomplishments in light aircraft.

But above all, Seguin's enthusiasm is a national treasure to sport aviation. And as he would say, we find the award, “So freaking cool!” Congrats, Elliott!

Kitplanes' First Editor Receives Wright Award

Dave Martin
Dave Martin

It's hard not to recognize the achievements of the Kitplanes family, and this press release came across our desk this weekend.

On Saturday, April 12th at 10:00, during the EAA 292 monthly meeting, Dave Martin will be awarded the Wright Bros. Master Pilot award from the FAA . David soloed more than 50 years ago and has not had a violation or an accident or a pilot-caused incident. The presentation will be by Ron Reeves from the FAA office in Hillsboro. Dave was the editor of KITPLANES for over 15 years and has flown over 200 types of airplanes. He has also flown many Young Eagles and will be one of the pilots for EAA 292’s next event on June 14th.

Richard VanGrunsven Honored

Richard VanGrunsven
Richard VanGrunsven

The Aero Club of New England (ACONE) announced yesterday that Richard VanGrunsven is the recipient of the 2014 Godfrey L. Cabot Award. ACONE presents this prestigious award annually to individuals or teams who have made unique, significant, and unparalleled contributions to advance aviation and foster the science of aeronautics and/or astronautics.

Richard VanGrunsven, CEO and Founder of Van’s Aircraft Inc. located in Aurora, Oregon, founded his company in 1973 by starting a clean-sheet design of a homebuilt aircraft. The RV-3 was followed by the RV-4 tandem aircraft in 1979. Van's Aircraft continued to produce new designs with good all-round performance, reasonable costs, and continuous improvement in kit quality.

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