Aliant Ultralight Batteries from Essex Parts Services

Essex Parts Services is offering ultralight LiFePO batteries.

Aliant Ultralight starting batteries are based on lithium iron phosphate technology and are suitable for replacing lead acid batteries without requiring any changes to the vehicles electrical system. Each battery has a digital microprocessor embedded that balances cell load allowing you to install it in any standard 12V system without modification as well as use a number of third party chargers without affecting the longevity of the battery life. Aliant batteries are up to 80% lighter than traditional batteries and last up to 7,000 cycles at 70% depth of discharge. Aliant also uses top-of-the-line, UL1642 certified, cylindrical cells that provide you with rapid complete charge time, low self-discharge rate, long life span, and superior chemical and mechanical stability.


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Concorde Debuts Battery for Light Sport Aircraft

Concorde Battery Corporation has introduced a new 12 volt battery, the Concorde Platinum Series RG 12LSA, designed specifically for the Light Sport Aircraft market. The RG 12 LSA is constructed with Concorde's recombinant gas technology. Larger intercell connections optimize outbrush current flow and increase charge acceptance, the company says.

Absorbed Glass Mat retains only the amount of electrolyte required for battery function, making the battery non-spillable in any position and maintenance free. PolyGuard separators are used between the plates as an additional layer of protection against shock and vibration, according to Concorde.

Outside, the battery is constructed with a robust polypropylene container. Silicon bronze alloy terminals and hardware are corrosion free and provide low impedance connections.

Primary purpose: general aviation starting and emergency power.

Voltage: 12 volts

Cold cranking amps: 200

Maximum weight: 13.0 pounds

Constructed with non-removable vent valves, no addition of water or electrolyte is required--ever.

The battery is shipped fully charged.

For prices and availability check aviation supply houses. Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has a list price of $218.95.

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CAFE Foundation Announces Electric Aircraft Symposium V

The fifth edition of the CAFE Foundation's Electric Aircraft Symposium will take place April 29 and 30 in Santa Rosa, California. Picking up momentum every year, the EAS brings together industry leaders to share technological advances and real-world experience developing electric propulsion systems for aircraft. This cross-cultural exchange of ideas is intended to speed development of electric aircraft designs. Continue reading "CAFE Foundation Announces Electric Aircraft Symposium V"

TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger

TCW Technologies debuted its IBBS-Intelligent Backup Battery System-last year to the sound of thanks and praise by builders wanting to outfit their EFISes with external backup power. The system is a remote-mount box with a battery and sophisticated charging and power-switching circuitry, allowing for automatic backup of flight-critical electrical items. Continue reading "TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger"

New LSA Battery from Concorde

A new small AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology battery from Concorde was introduced at Oshkosh this year. The RG-12LSA measures 7.5 inches long, 4.97 inches wide and 4.56 inches tall. It uses 8mm (5/16-inch) terminal bolts, which are larger than the nominal terminal sizes on competing batteries. According to Concorde, "The recombinant gas (RG Series) maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery won’t spill at any altitude or attitude and never needs water or electrolyte, and allow 'HAZMAT-exempt' shipping."

This compact battery would be a good choice for low-powered homebuilts as well as for the intended LSAs. The price has not been set, and the battery will begin shipping in October.

For more information, visit Concorde's website.

TCW Technologies Integrated Back-up Battery Now Available

The IBBS from TCW Technologies weighs just 2.5 pounds.

We've tested it at KITPLANES (see Marc Cook's story in the May issue), so we know it works. But now we can say that you, too, can purchase and get immediate delivery on TCW Technologies' Integrated Back-up Battery System (IBBS). For $375 you get a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack, battery charger and automatic back-up power switching hardware that is a simple fix, installation-wise, for either a new or retrofit instrument panel. The integrated system weighs just 2.5 pounds, putting it at less than half the weight of a similar-sized lead-acid battery, and can provide 4 amperes at 12 volts for just under an hour, according to Bob Newman, Jr., co-founder of TCW. Newman has been in on the design of some other TCW safety-oriented products including Safety-Trim, Intelligent Flap-Controller and Intelligent Power Stabilizer. Continue reading "TCW Technologies Integrated Back-up Battery Now Available"