Belite Altimeter App - with Humidity!


Sharp-eyed readers will figure out quickly that I am no longer at Sun 'n Fun in Florida - while I might have taken the picture in an airplane at 4406' msl, its unlikely that I'd find a relative Humidity of 16.9" anywhere in Florida - at any time of the year! But the little red dongle device was something I picked up at the show from Belite Aircraft - an atmospheric sensor that connects via Bluetooth to an i-thingy (phone or tablet) and gives you access to a lot of accurate data related to pressure, temperature, and humidity. Continue reading "Belite Altimeter App - with Humidity!"

New iOS App from RADIANT

Radiant iOS app

RADIANT Technology LLC (a Belite Company) has developed and released its first IOS App for iPhone / iPad. It is now available in the Apple App Store for $19.99. Continue reading "New iOS App from RADIANT"

Chipper arrives at Sun 'n Fun with new updates

Belite Chipper

Belite Enterprises "Chipper" experimental 2-place aircraft arrived at Sun 'n Fun, and is being shown with numerous upgrades and improvements.  Prominent is a new metal skin feature for the wings, along with a Big Bore 114HP engine performance upgrade from Edge Performance of Norway. Continue reading "Chipper arrives at Sun 'n Fun with new updates"

New RADIANT Precision Altimeter App From Belite

belite precision-altimeter

RADIANT Technology released its first App for iPhone / iPad, and it's now available in the Apple App Store for $19.99. Continue reading "New RADIANT Precision Altimeter App From Belite"

BINGO Fluid Detector for Fuel Management

Bingo Fuel Radiant-Belite

Radiant Technology LLC, also known as Belite Electronics, has introduced the BINGO Fluid Detector which instantly provides an indication of fluid presence or absence. It is ideal for use in aviation and in fluid process control as well. It is typically installed at the point in the tank where the pilot wants to be alerted. For instance, at one-quarter tank remaining. Continue reading "BINGO Fluid Detector for Fuel Management"

Belite Introduces Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator

Belite RADIANT Technology released a new product that enhances safety by alerting the pilot to fuel exhaustion or water contamination.

The new RADIANT Fuel / Water Discriminator will instantly tell the pilot or vehicle operator if the fuel line is empty or if liquid water is detected in the fuel line. This innovative product is based on patent pending technology and is installed in the fuel line. It increases pilot safety by alerting a pilot to switch tanks in the event of fuel exhaustion on one tank and also provides a positive and immediate indication if liquid water is present in the fuel line. Continue reading "Belite Introduces Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator"