Belite Introduces Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator

Belite RADIANT Technology released a new product that enhances safety by alerting the pilot to fuel exhaustion or water contamination.

The new RADIANT Fuel / Water Discriminator will instantly tell the pilot or vehicle operator if the fuel line is empty or if liquid water is detected in the fuel line. This innovative product is based on patent pending technology and is installed in the fuel line. It increases pilot safety by alerting a pilot to switch tanks in the event of fuel exhaustion on one tank and also provides a positive and immediate indication if liquid water is present in the fuel line. Continue reading "Belite Introduces Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator"

Belite Chipper Faster with Increased Useful Load

The performance numbers for Chipper, the experimental two place airplane kit from Belite Aircraft, have been updated, providing large gains in airspeed, climb rate, and range over previously released figures. Chipper is also benefiting from a gross weight increase. Continue reading "Belite Chipper Faster with Increased Useful Load"

Belite Chipper - First Look

The Chipper on display in front of Hangar A at Sun 'n Fun.

The flying public got its first look at Belite's first licensed E-AB aircraft at the Sun 'n Fun Fly in today. As we reported last week, the Chipper recently received its airworthiness certificate, but has yet to fly, since it was almost immediately disassembled to be trucked to Florida for display. The airplane underwent minimal taxi testing before being taken apart, so it has proven that it can move under its own power. Continue reading "Belite Chipper - First Look"

Belite's New 2-Seat Experimental "Chipper" at Sun 'n Fun North Aircraft Exhibit

Belite is showing its first two-place, experimental aircraft design this year at Sun 'n Fun. Belite's exhibit is located north of Indoor Hangar A.  Continue reading "Belite's New 2-Seat Experimental "Chipper" at Sun 'n Fun North Aircraft Exhibit"

Belite's New Two Place Experimental Design Receives Airworthiness Certificate

Jim Wiebe receives airworthiness certificate for the new “Pipper.”


Belite Aircraft, known for simple, relatively inexpensive, single-seat airplanes, just received the airworthiness certificate for its first side-by-side, two-seat design—the "Pipper." A "clean-sheet" conventional design, the plane boasts very quick build time, taildragger or tricycle gear options, and a 380-pound empty weight (with 2-stroke engine and normal instrumentation). Continue reading "Belite's New Two Place Experimental Design Receives Airworthiness Certificate"

Belite Aircraft Enters 2 Seat Marketplace With Belite Pipper

Belite introduced its first two place experimental aircraft design - the Pipper.

“I wanted to take my wife flying in a Belite aircraft,” explains James Wiebe, the CEO of Belite, “and implement my years of learning about what it takes to make a light plane quick to build, strong and affordable for the owner. I set my sights on developing an aircraft that comes with a high level of accuracy in parts production, and good repeatability in the build process. The more I aimed for, the more I realized that my many years of building planes had given me the perfect pipper to set my sights with… so the plane was called the Pipper!” (Pipper is defined as the center or bead of a ring gunsight.) Continue reading "Belite Aircraft Enters 2 Seat Marketplace With Belite Pipper"