Belite Discounts Continue After Oshkosh

Among the special offers that Belite Aircraft continues to promote after AirVenture are the following: $2000 off a new ready to fly aircraft, including the aluminum fuselage design. Prices start at $16,500 ($14,500 with the show special). A deposit of $2500 is required.

Kits, both aluminum and steel, start at $6800, and the show special is $500 off. A $1000 deposit required. Continue reading "Belite Discounts Continue After Oshkosh"

James Wiebe of Belite Aircraft Wins 2011 August Raspet Award

Belite Aircraft President and CEO James Wiebe has won the 2011 August Raspet Award, one of the most prestigious honors bestowed by the Experimental Aircraft Association each year. Wiebe has joined a lofty club of individuals that includes the first winner of the award, John Thorpe, and other notables with surnames ranging from Wittman to Pietenpol, Bengelis to Rutan.

James Wiebe

The award is named for the late Dr. August "Gus" Raspet, a professor at Mississippi State University and avid light aircraft enthusiast. Raspet was instrumental in elevating the aeronautical engineering program at Mississippi A&M College, as it was originally known, into one of the nation's preeminent aerophysics research centers. Since 1960, the Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award has been presented every year to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of light aircraft design.

Wiebe's contributions to aviation include a set of extreme (and we are talking grams here) ultralight solid-state flight instruments, carbon-fiber technology in aircraft structures, and his innovative in-line water sensing unit for fuel systems.


Belite Fuel Line Water Detector Debuts

A new, patent-pending technology developed by Belite Enterprises capable of detecting water in the fuel tank or fuel line was introduced Tuesday at AirVenture. We are able to demonstrate this technology so people can see how it is integrated into the aircraft and how it will improve safety, said James Wiebe, president and CEO of Belite Enterprises LLC, a manufacturer of in flight technology, ultralight aircraft design and extremely lightweight digital avionics. Continue reading "Belite Fuel Line Water Detector Debuts"

Belite Submits Patent for Revolutionary Inline Water Detection System for Fuel Systems

Belite Aircraft's patent pending fuel-sensor chip can detect liquid water in a fuel line before an engine coughs.

Belite Aircraft of Wichita, Kansas, announced the development of a 6 gram digital chip and probe combination sensor designed to detect liquid water in an aircraft fuel system.

Jim Wiebe, president and CEO of Belite Aircraft, introduced the product at Sun n Fun 2011. The circuit chip, with a tiny probe attached, is poised to revolutionize the safety factor of flight by setting off an audio or visual alarm in the cockpit if the presence of liquid water is detected in the fuel system in-line to the cylinders while the engine is operating.

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