Beyerdynamic HS 800 Aviation Headset

Beyerdynamic, a German audio company, has introduced the HS 800 Digital, a new-class aviation headset using DANR (digital adaptive noise reduction), which the company claims combines feedback and feedforward ANR for the first time in a digital system.

According to beyerdynamic, system-related disadvantages in ANR headsets such as background noise and limited capacity have been eliminated in its DANR headset. Feedforward digital control now makes it possible to adapt to high-precision frequency peaks. Additionally, the HS 800 is cushioned with viscoelastic and soft leather, and protected with carbon fiber and anodized aluminum.

The HS 800 is available in three versions. The traditional version has two classic jack plugs; the Rotor version features a spiral cable and U-174/U jack for helicoptors; and the six-pin version has a Lemo connector that in addition to providing microphone and stereo headphones signal, provides the electrical system voltage that allows the headset to be used without batteries.

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New Headset from Beyerdynamic

The new HS 400 Signum/Rotor headset from German manufacturer beyerdynamic provides passive noise attenuation for a safe flight as well as allowing you to enjoy music from your MP3 player with beyerdynamic sound quality.

The small audio box with two volume controls (left/right) enables you to connect your mobile phone/iPhone as well. While the HS 400 Signum has double jack plugs, the HS 400 Rotor is the helicopter version with a coiled cable and a single U-174/U jack plug. Continue reading "New Headset from Beyerdynamic"

Beyerdynamic HS 400 Standard and Rotor Headsets

Beyerdynamic of Germany presents its new aviation headsets, the HS 400 Signum and HS 400 Rotor. The HS 400 Signum is the standard version with double jack plugs, and the HS 400 Rotor is the helicopter version with a coiled cable and a single U-174/U jack plug. These two new headsets have been developed with the goal to provide the best passive noise attenuation of the category.

The HS 400 comes with a newly developed smart audio box to which MP3 players or mobile phones may be connected. There are two volume controls, a mono/stereo switch and an auto-mute function that mutes the music during incoming radio messages. For comfort’s sake, the headsets’ light weight, 11 ounces, is combined with moderate pressure and soft skin ear pads with viscoelastic filling. The ear cups come in silver metallic, with black anodized metal parts to complete the look. Continue reading "Beyerdynamic HS 400 Standard and Rotor Headsets"