Lightspeed adds expanded Bluetooth capability to its Sierra headset

Lightspeed Aviation announced today that it has added Bluetooth audio capability to their entry level Sierra headset, making the entire Lightspeed line of aviation headsets fully compatible with Bluetooth cell phone, music, and audio alerts from aviation apps installed on Bluetooth-capable devices.

The Lightspeed Sierra headset now offers Bluetooth music and audio alerts from popular navigation apps.
The Lightspeed Sierra headset now offers Bluetooth music and audio alerts from popular navigation apps.

"Sierra already enabled pilots to use a cell phone via Bluetooth. By adding the music functionality, we are also responding to the growing number of pilots that are accessing audio alerts from popular navigation apps. These alerts use the same Bluetooth protocol as music," said Teresa De Mers, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. "Combined with our proprietary FlightLink recording app, Sierra is packed with features not found in much more expensive headsets.

Lightspeed positions Sierra as a value-priced entry into the world of premium ANR aviation headsets and sees it as the perfect complement to their popular Zulu.2 and the top-of-the-line Zulu PFX®.

"Think of Sierra as the BMW 2 of headsets," said De Mers. "You get the comfort, performance, and features of a premium ANR headset at price that puts it within reach of most pilots — student or experienced."

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Wicks Aircraft Adds Bluetooth Receiver

Wicks Aircraft Supply has added the Dual XGPS150 universal Bluetook Receiver to its product lineup. The receiver works with iPad, iPad touch, iPhone and other Bluetooth-enabled smart phones, tablets and laptops. The GPS receiver works wirelessly with most apps requiring GPS, at distances up to 33-feet away.

The XGPS150 receiver comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8.5 hours and recharges in 2.5 hours. The 2.5-inch square weighs 1.8 ounces, and features indicators for Bluetooth status, GPS status, and battery level. The unit it available for $99 from Wicks Aircraft Supply. For more information, call 800/221-9425 or 618/654-7447, or visit

Lynx Announces Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Lynx Avionics has announced a new Bluetooth audio adapter for use with its Micro System headsets, which includes a built-in Bluetooth telephone and music interface. The adapter is designed specifically for use in open-cockpit aircraft, and features a waterproof enclosure and a large multi-function control button that can be used when wearing gloves. The adapter has a built-in belt clip and may be mounted permanently using Velcro, screws, tube clips or cable tie saddles. Continue reading "Lynx Announces Bluetooth Headset Adapter"

Lightspeed Updates Zulu Headset

Today at Sun 'n Fun, Lightspeed Aviation announced a revised, updated Zulu headset that will begin shipping in June or July of this year. Improvements center on increased noise reduction through new ANR circuitry, new speakers and a revision to the physical frame to reduce clamping pressure by 15%. According to the company, the new Zulu's Dual Aperture Disc microphone provides better voice clarity.

As with the previous Zulu headset, the new one supports Bluetooth connectivity, can be configured for stereo or mono audio-in, and can be powered with batteries or used as a panel-mount that employs ship's power.

Price for all models is $900.

For more information, visit Lightspeed's website.

Bose Introduces A20 ANR Headset

This morning at Oshkosh, Bose announced the replacement for the Aviation Headset X, called the A20. Using familiar Bose technology, the A20 adds a second set of microphones to measure ambient noise. In addition to the set of microphones inside the earcups, the A20 employs mics on the outside of the device to better map ambient noise. These new microphones work in concert with new "optimized" electronics and powerful, Bose-designed drivers (speaker) to improve active noise cancelation. In addition, the A20 uses improved ear seals to increase passive noise attenuation.

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