Bose Headset Buy Back Offer

Beginning in August, J.A. Air Center of Illinois will buy back Bose Series X headsets in working condition direct from customers who want to trade up to the new premium Bose A20 headset. Purchases will be limited to orders placed directly through J.A. Air Center pilot shop. Current Bose Series X owners will receive $400 for a headset that is in good working order. The buy back program includes portable and panel-mounted versions of the Bose X series headset. The price for the A20 headset is $1095.

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Bose Introduces A20 ANR Headset

This morning at Oshkosh, Bose announced the replacement for the Aviation Headset X, called the A20. Using familiar Bose technology, the A20 adds a second set of microphones to measure ambient noise. In addition to the set of microphones inside the earcups, the A20 employs mics on the outside of the device to better map ambient noise. These new microphones work in concert with new "optimized" electronics and powerful, Bose-designed drivers (speaker) to improve active noise cancelation. In addition, the A20 uses improved ear seals to increase passive noise attenuation.

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GlaStar Builder Wins KITPLANES Bose Headset Giveaway

The Bose Aviation X headset.

KITPLANES subscriber Tom Fleming couldn't be happier winning a Bose Aviation X headset. Really...

Tom Fleming from Lake Forest, California, won a Bose headset in the KITPLANES 24/7 Sweepstakes. By signing up for online access to, Tom put himself in contention to win either a Bose Aviation X headset or a Bendix/King AV8OR GPS. His GlaStar taildragger already well equipped, Tom chose the Bose.

Tom says, "I have used the Bose headsets for several years as a professional pilot (recently retired) and love them. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate and, by the way, you have a great magazine for us homebuilders. And I like the online version also."

Use them in good health, Tom.

For more information on the Bose headsets, visit the company's website.