BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10


RV-10 BRS parachute system. Image: BRS Aerospace.

BRS Aerospace has developed a whole aircraft parachute rescue system on Van's RV-10 homebuilt aircraft. The company is accepting orders for the system, which is priced at $25,990, plus shipping.

The BRS ballistic powered parachute system can be retrofitted on flying aircraft or incorporated during the home building process. BRS Aerospace also offers the installation in two stages for builders who want to incorporate parts of the installation during the build process. Continue reading "BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10"

BRS Thoughts

I occasionally receive notes requesting information on ballistic recovery systems for E-AB aircraft, and questions on why you don't see more articles in Kitplanes Magazine regarding installing such systems. The truth of the matter is that while BRS chutes are pretty common in ultralight aircraft, they just haven't worked their way into that many E-AB craft... yet. Whole aircraft parachutes have so far saved quite a few lives in mishaps that have occurred in equipped aircraft, making the question of why they aren't more common an interesting one. Continue reading "BRS Thoughts"

CubCrafters BRS Chute


CubCrafters now offers an option for a BRS ballistic recovery chute, much the same as the one found in every new Cirrus. The new BRS installation was on display in the CubCrafters' booth at Sun 'n Fun so prospective customers and builders could get a good look at it. The package available for the kit version of the Carbon Cub EX-2 adds 43.5 pounds to the empty weight and costs $11,950. The BRS system can also be retrofitted on existing Carbon Cubs. Continue reading "CubCrafters BRS Chute"

CubCrafters Introduces Emergency Aircraft Parachutes

BRS SystemLight aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters is announcing new emergency parachute systems for the company's line of backcountry tailwheel airplanes. The systems, developed in conjunction with BRS Aerospace, will further advance safety in CubCrafters' aircraft designs by allowing pilots a safe alternative in otherwise difficult emergencies. Continue reading "CubCrafters Introduces Emergency Aircraft Parachutes"

Insurance Discounts for Small Airplanes

Aggressive Aviation Insurance offers coverage tailored to small aircraft (up to 12-seat capacity), including Light Sport and Experimental planes with retractable gear, tricycle gear or floats. Now the company is offering premium discounts of up to 15% for those owners and operators of small general aviation aircraft that fly with proven safety equipment.

That equipment can include any or all of the following:
- Enhanced vision systems such as those made by Max-Viz.
- Seat belt airbags, such as those made by AmSafe.
- Airframe parachutes, such as those made by BRS Aerospace.

Aggressive Aviation Insurance products are now available in more than 40 states, through more than 100 independent aviation agencies. The insurance is underwritten by the Stonewall Insurance Company, a member of the A++ rated Berkshire Hathaway Group of Insurance Companies.

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