Dropping in on Glasair

Glasair's Assembly hangar, with two airplanes going through the Two-Week-to-Taxi program.
Glasair's Assembly hangar, with two airplanes going through the Two-Week-to-Taxi program.

I had the opportunity to pop up to Arlington, Washington the other day to visit Glasair, maker of the Sportsman and home of their Two Week to Taxi program. I hitched a ride with engineers from Click-Bond, a company famous for aerospace fasteners, based near my home in Carson City. Click-Bond employees - along with the winners of GAMA's "Build-A-Plane" competition will be building a Sportsman in June, and we'll be following along as they learn about homebuilding while showing just how many places they can use Click-bond nutplates, stand-offs, and other goodies. Anyone who has ever built using standard riveted on nutplates will appreciate not having to drill, deburr, and countersink for AN3 rivets, as these little gems glue on using a special adhesive that is used throughout commercial and military aviation. (My first exposure to their products was during training for the International Space Station program, where we used their products as hole patches in case of hull breeches by micrometeoroids.) Continue reading "Dropping in on Glasair"

Glasair Pursues Diesel Option, Mentors Students

buildaplaneGlasair Aviation LLC was acquired in 2012 by Zhuhai Hanxing General Aviation Co. Ltd. (ZHGAC) of China and announced at AirVenture two recent projects: one involving Build-A-Plane, another that would develop a diesel option for the company's Sportsman aircraft. The diesel project is meant to stimulate the company's worldwide market and Glasair said it is working with long-time AirVenture vendor DeltaHawk on the task. DeltaHawk has had a moving target for certification since at least 2006 and in 2011 acquired $720,000 in low-interest loans from the state of Wisconsin. Monday at AirVenture, DeltaHawk's Dennis Webb said that a test aircraft was approximately six to eight weeks from flying. Complications may arise. Meanwhile, Glasair's involvement with Build-A-Plane has already seen success.

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Build A Plane Goes Online

Build A Plane, a non-profit organization working in a formal partnership with the FAA to promote aviation education, is now offering AeroScholars, two online aviation courses that have been developed specifically for high school students who want to learn more about aviation.

The two courses, Fundamentals of Aviation Science and Advanced Aviation Science, were written to match NSTA national teaching standards, which should allow students who complete the online courses to receive high school credit from any school. Both programs incorporate live help programs so that students are not on their own while taking the courses. Continue reading "Build A Plane Goes Online"