Camping is Fun

You could fly commercial to visit Sun 'n Fun and stay in a hotel and drive to the venue, but you would be missing out on some elements of the experience. For my first visit to the show I chose to fly out from the West Coast which was an adventure in itself. I must confess to becoming an iThingy cripple. Without two GPS moving maps and ADS-B weather and traffic I feel deprived.

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Volunteers – The Welcome Wagon

Oshkosh welcome wagon

Maybe you've scud-run into Ripon, dodged a couple of planes diving down in front of you between Ripon and Fisk, freaked out over the two idiots flying clockwise around Green Lake while the rest of you followed the NOTAM procedure, and then barely escaped the runway before a DC-3 crawled up your backside. Then the kids directing ground traffic sent you almost to the North 40 despite your sign for Homebuilt Parking. Continue reading "Volunteers – The Welcome Wagon"

Homebuilt Camping is Alive and Well

Kelly, Maxwell, and Lucas Duke of Dublin, Georgia
Kelly, Maxwell, and Lucas Duke of Dublin, Georgia

Homebuilt camping is alive and well at Sun 'n Fun 2016 with 42 airplanes parked as of sunset. The comradeship in HBC at SnF really sets the bar for fly-ins and hospitality. Many of the same people have been coming for years. One example is Maxwell Duke with his wife Kelly and son Lucas. Continue reading "Homebuilt Camping is Alive and Well"

Vote For the Best Camping Photo

What's more fun than airplane camping? Let us know which photo you like best and the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce.

We need your votes! Visit the voting page and choose your favorite.

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