Carbon Cub EX-3 NKET Approved

The Federal Aviation Administration's National Kit Evaluation Team has reviewed and approved the Carbon Cub EX-3 and that the aircraft has been added to the list of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits that satisfy the majority build requirement (commonly referred to as the 51% rule) on the FAA website. The EX-3 joins the original Carbon Cub EX kits on the list, which the FAA provides as a service to prospective aircraft builders researching kit options. Continue reading "Carbon Cub EX-3 NKET Approved"

CubCrafters Unveils New EX-3 and FX-3 Models

Light aircraft manufacturer, CubCrafters, is introducing two new variants of the company's hugely successful Carbon Cub model, the Carbon Cub EX-3 and FX-3. The Carbon Cub EX-3 is an experimental amateur built (E-AB) kit, and the Carbon Cub FX-3 is the company's FX (Factory eXperimental) builder assist version. Both feature CubCrafters' new, more powerful, fuel-injected engine, constant-speed propeller, and higher 2,000 lb. gross weight limit. Continue reading "CubCrafters Unveils New EX-3 and FX-3 Models"

XCub - CubCrafters New Flagship

CubCrafters X-Cub in flight

CubCrafters is introducing its new top-of-the-line aircraft, XCub. The new model received FAA Type Certification on June 2, 2016 and is available immediately.

XCub is lighter, faster and stronger than any aircraft in its category. XCub also provides a larger payload and greater range. Combined, these attributes fulfill a much wider mission profile compared to any other aircraft in this class. Continue reading "XCub - CubCrafters New Flagship"

Editor’s Report from SnF – Day 4 – Tuesday, April 24

Any day that starts in a Cub is a good day! This morning we had the chance to do a sunrise flight in the new Carbon Cub EX2, back to back with the original Carbon Cub EX. The changes are in the wing - or more accurately, in the flaps and ailerons. With airfoil-shaped ailerons that feature a slotted hinge line and redesigned flaps that also have a noticeable slot and deploy more like a Fowler, the wing handles differently both in cruise and at slow speeds. Roll responsiveness is remarkable because of the new ailerons, with delightful stick forces, and the excellent low-speed handling is even better when dropping int to a short field with the new flaps. Our flight review will be appearing soon!

Carbon Cub EX2
Carbon Cub EX2

Continue reading "Editor’s Report from SnF – Day 4 – Tuesday, April 24"