AirVenture in the Mirrors

As I pushed the throttle in, lifted off of Wittman Field's runway 36(L) and pulled in to a right turn for a heading of 150, I caught a glimpse of AirVenture 2017 in the glare shield mirrors. Vibrant, full of airplanes, and crawling with people, the festivities would last two more full days, but my head and memory cards were full, and it was time to head west. Looking ahead, I picked out the three cub-like airplanes between me and the seaplane base, leveled off at 500' AGL and felt the acceleration that made those cubs look like stars in a special-effects hyper-speed sequence as I went by them on the right. It was another beautiful morning in Wisconsin!

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It's the View...and More! Checking Out the Zenith Super Duty

A quick fuel stop in the CH750 Super Duty from Zenith--we liked it so much, we needed to get more gas to go up for more!

Kitplanes had the chance to go and try the new CH750 Super Duty aircraft from Zenith Aircraft this morning, and on first, second, and third impression, it looks like a winner. This is the aircraft we reported on yesterday--the one with no instrument panel, or more correctly, it has the "Un-Panel"--a single glass panel display that floats in front of the pilot and passenger (or should we say the "front seat passenger," since this new Zenith has a third seat in back) and can be moved to the left, right up, down and forward or back. Getting rid of the traditional panel allows them to wrap the windshield down around the sides, giving the appearance of flying almost in a bubble - the view is just excellent. Continue reading "It's the View...and More! Checking Out the Zenith Super Duty"

Zenith's New STOL CH 750 "Super Duty"

The STOL CH 750 Super Duty is the latest model in the Zenith high-wing line developed by aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz. The STOL CH 750 "Super Duty" (SD) is an expansion on the popular two-seat STOL CH 750 light-sport aircraft, but offers increased load (and corresponding increased gross weight), the addition of a "jump seat" in the large rear cabin area, and new engine choices for maximum short take-off and landing (STOL) performance. Continue reading "Zenith's New STOL CH 750 "Super Duty""