Now THAT's Original!

We snuck a peek at Zenith's newest airplane on Sunday, and it has certainly got some original features! First, its a big, powerful airplane for a company that has served the LSA market for years. Using a CH750 fuselage, the new CH750 Super Duty now sports an IO-375 engine producing about 200 HP, giving it plenty of power to lift the lengthened, STOL wing quickly out of just about anywhere. The baggage area can accommodate 200 pounds and includes a seat if you want to make at least some of that weight a human being. The tail is similar to the 750's, but larger, to match the longer wing. Sporting Tundra tires, it is bound for the bush. Continue reading "Now THAT's Original!"

STOL CH 750 Offered as Ready-to-Fly LSA


In a joint statement, Zenair Ltd. of Midland, Ontario (Canada), and M-Squared Aircraft of Mobile, Alabama, announced that production of the ready-to-fly STOL CH 750 Light Sport (LS) aircraft will resume.

This is welcome news for fans of the popular STOL (short takeoff and landing) design who don’t have the time or inclination to build their own kit version of the airplane. The STOL CH 750 was originally offered as a factory-built S-LSA a number of years ago. Continue reading "STOL CH 750 Offered as Ready-to-Fly LSA"

Zenith CH 750 Now Available as Factory-Assembled LSA

Zenith Aircraft Company's STOL CH 750 can now be purchased already assembled from Tenn-Air of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Pete Krotje, head of Jabiru USA, announced that Tennessee Aircraft Development , LLC has licensed the design rights from Zenair Ltd. to produce the two-seat, all-metal, high-wing CH 750 as a factory-assembled Light Sport Aircraft. The assembled airplane, powered by 120-hp, six-cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine, is being offered at an introductory price of $74,900. Continue reading "Zenith CH 750 Now Available as Factory-Assembled LSA"