Superior Air Parts Offers Factory-New Continental A65 Cylinders

Superior's reintroduction of the popular cylinders gives owners of classic 1940's era Piper Cubs, Aeronca Champions, Ercoupes, Taylorcrafts and other types a much more reliable and cost-effective alternative to rebuilding worn out cylinders.

Scott Hayes, VP, Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced that the company has begun delivering factory-new Millennium Cylinders for the popular Continental Motors O-170/A65 engine. Continue reading "Superior Air Parts Offers Factory-New Continental A65 Cylinders"

Continental Motors Group™ announces new Web Site

continental-motors-group-logoContinental Motors Group, announced the launch of the new corporate website. With a modern look and improved functionality, it allows distributors, maintenance providers, mechanics and end-users to quickly find the information they need. It can also be used to gather data on replacement parts for Continental Motors engines and Continental Motors FAA-approved parts for LYCOMING® engines, request quotes or technical data on manufactured Continental and Titan™ engines, and shows the whole range of services offered by the group, in all locations around the world.

“This all new website makes it easier for all our customers and aviation professionals to find the information they need regarding the products and services offered by Continental Motors Group™,” said Emmanuel S. Davidson, Global Marketing and Communications Director. "It is more informative, packed with the relevant data and functionalities our clients have been requesting. All technical and sales data is now located in one place and can be accessed in a fast and efficient manner. This not only applies to our manufactured products—engines (Continental Motors Gasoline, Diesel or Titan), spare parts, accessories, etc.—but also our full range of services:

  • Continental Motors, Titan, and LYCOMING® piston engine overhauls.
  • P&WC® PT-6™ turbine repairs, overhauls and parts sales.
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for single and twin engine piston aircraft, turboprops and business jets.
  • Avionics and Interiors sales, installation and repairs, including bench repairs for traditional avionics, and ADS-B compliance installations
  • Professionals and end-users will also be able to easily locate the FAA approved aftermarket parts they need for their LYCOMING®* engines

The new site is accessible at


Formula One Gold

Slatter Continental O-200
Here’s why Lowell Slatter is 15 mph faster this year: a fresh engine. The special O-200 was built by Slatter using the best parts he could gather over a five-year period. The new mill has turned Fraed Naught into the F1 front runner.

Any racer will tell you a good start is vital, and now Thom Richard and Steve Senegal have unfortunate first-hand experience in just how true that is.

Richard, who’s been having engine issues all week at the Reno air races, aborted his start this morning in the Formula One Gold main event due to yet more engine trouble, and when Steve Senegal got the tail up on Endeavor there was a very slow moving Richard right in the way. With the runway crowded by the usual 3-abreast take-off Steve’s only hope was to pull back on the stick and hope there was enough energy to vault Richard, but there wasn’t and the two race planes tangled. Continue reading "Formula One Gold"