Jake Hayes' CubCrafters EX

My CubCrafters EX N-96FV was finished July 30, 2016 - last weekend of AirVenture. My 87-year old Dad was the first passenger after my 40-hour fly off. He flew chase in his Cherokee for the maiden flight.

It's painted in D-Day colors for my C-130 unit's 70th anniversary. 96th Airlift Squadron Flying Vikings were the 96th Troop Carrier Squadron in WW2. The squadron's designation was 6Z.  Continue reading "Jake Hayes' CubCrafters EX"

XCub - CubCrafters New Flagship

CubCrafters X-Cub in flight

CubCrafters is introducing its new top-of-the-line aircraft, XCub. The new model received FAA Type Certification on June 2, 2016 and is available immediately.

XCub is lighter, faster and stronger than any aircraft in its category. XCub also provides a larger payload and greater range. Combined, these attributes fulfill a much wider mission profile compared to any other aircraft in this class. Continue reading "XCub - CubCrafters New Flagship"

Carbon Cub Discovery Kit


CubCrafters has just come out with a what they call a Discovery Kit, which is designed to allow potential Carbon Cub builders a chance to see if they can get comfortable with fabric covering before committing to the whole kit. The Discovery Kit costs $995 and includes an actual Carbon Cub EX-2 rudder and all the the materials and chemicals needed to cover it. Continue reading "Carbon Cub Discovery Kit"

CubCrafters BRS Chute


CubCrafters now offers an option for a BRS ballistic recovery chute, much the same as the one found in every new Cirrus. The new BRS installation was on display in the CubCrafters' booth at Sun 'n Fun so prospective customers and builders could get a good look at it. The package available for the kit version of the Carbon Cub EX-2 adds 43.5 pounds to the empty weight and costs $11,950. The BRS system can also be retrofitted on existing Carbon Cubs. Continue reading "CubCrafters BRS Chute"

CubCrafters Introduces Emergency Aircraft Parachutes

BRS SystemLight aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters is announcing new emergency parachute systems for the company's line of backcountry tailwheel airplanes. The systems, developed in conjunction with BRS Aerospace, will further advance safety in CubCrafters' aircraft designs by allowing pilots a safe alternative in otherwise difficult emergencies. Continue reading "CubCrafters Introduces Emergency Aircraft Parachutes"

Cubcrafters Announces Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist Program

Backcountry aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters has announced a new program designed to engage airplane buyers more intimately with their purchase. Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist immerses new owners in the construction of the aluminum, steel and composite parts that make up the Carbon Cub, allowing the customer to know their aircraft in the way only an aircraft builder can. FX builders’ efforts are rewarded with a new Carbon Cub certified as Experimental-Amateur Built (E-AB), affording operational latitude to the builder/owner which is unavailable for other aircraft certifications, notably: increased payload potential, night and/or IFR operation, builder maintenance and the ability to modify the aircraft.

Carbon Cub FX


Carbon Cub FX turns the familiar ‘builder assist’ convention upside down”, says Jim Richmond, Founder and CEO of CubCrafters. “Instead of assisting your assembly of parts from a kit, CubCrafters’ technicians facilitate your fabrication of the parts themselves! Using our modern facilities and equipment, we will guide you through the fabrication process in an astonishingly short time. Then, CubCrafters will use your parts to assemble a factory-perfect Carbon Cub, complete with all the options that you choose!”

This new program satisfies the FAA Major Portion Rule (or “51% rule”): the builder completes more than half of the aircraft construction described in the Amateur-Built Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (FAA Advisory Circular 20-27G, Appendix 8). No technical experience is necessary.

“Our factory personnel will guide you through each process to ensure that your parts are in-spec and meet our quality standards,” Richmond continues. “You can create your dream under the supervision of our staff, and we’ll guarantee delivery of a world-class aircraft.”


The Carbon Cub has advanced the legendary Cub architecture into the twenty-first century, combining modern design methods with lightweight materials and a 180-horsepower engine. The Carbon Cub literally redefines expectations of “backcountry aircraft”, and it assures formidable off-airport performance.

Carbon Cub FX is an extension of CubCrafters’ Carbon Cub EX-2 kit, which delivers the same thrilling performance as the ready-to-fly Carbon Cub, but may be certified up to 1,865 lbs. gross weight, allowing a usable load over 900 lbs.

For the Builder Assist program, the Carbon Cub FX is equipped with a CC340 engine (180 HP), Long-Range Fuel Tanks, Extended Baggage, and 3x3 Extended HD Landing Gear as standard. A range of panels, paint schemes and other options are available.


  • FX builders will spend a five day session at CubCrafters' Headquarters constructing their aircraft
    - Five 8-hour days working with our factory technicians
    - Steel, aluminum and composite aircraft components will be fabricated and assembled
  • CubCrafters uses the customer-built components to assemble a nearly-complete Carbon Cub FX
  • Approximately 50 days after the first build session, the builder returns to put the finishing touches on the aircraft
    - One day for final assembly and preparation for airworthiness inspection
    - One day for airworthiness inspection, certification and a minimum of two test flights by CubCrafters test pilots
  • The buyer receives a one-year aircraft warranty (unprecedented for E-AB aircraft)


The new Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist program is now available to new aircraft buyers from CubCrafters Certified Sales Centers around the world: cubcrafters.com/csc