Checking In - Deland, Florida

The Deland Sport Aviation Showcase wraps up our show attendance for this year, and as I leave Florida, I can think back on a good year of meeting builders and pilots of all things experimental throughout the year. I can honestly say that I've seen an uptick in shopping interest - and I believe that is reflected in sales of kits and accessories, if my vendor contacts are correct. That bodes well for the future, as new projects are being started, and old ones finished. That means more airplanes flying and more people enjoying the thrill of taking an airplane they built aloft! Continue reading "Checking In - Deland, Florida"

Hands-On Aircraft Building Workshop Comes to the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

CH-750 Cruzer
CH-750 Cruzer

For the first time, Zenith Aircraft Company is bringing its popular hands-on workshops to the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase. At the workshop, which begins on Thursday, November 1 (and runs through Friday, November 2), participants actually build their own Zenith Aircraft rudder assembly from a standard Zenith kit.

Continue reading "Hands-On Aircraft Building Workshop Comes to the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase"