EPS Goes Experimental

There's no secret we're fans of the in-development Graflight V-8 currently under development by Engineered Propulsion Systems. A completely new flat-8, turbocharged diesel with gear reduction, water cooling and sophisticated engine management by Bosch, the EPS engine promises to move general aviation piston engine technology into the modern era in one gigantic step. Continue reading "EPS Goes Experimental"

The RV-10 TDI Arrives

Continental representatives greeted the Flandermeyer's when they arrived and anxiously listened to Scott's report on the engine's performance.

We noticed an unpainted RV-10 taxiing into the special display area near the Homebuilder's Hangar and wondered, what is so special about an RV-10? Occupants Scott and Tracey Flandermeyer explained that it is the only turbo-diesel powered RV-10 in the world. Weather challenges made the flight less than ideal for recording performance data, but the Continental CD-230 diesel engine (producing 230 HP) reportedly cruised at about 157 kt TAS and burned an average of about 8 gallons of Jet A per hour. Continue reading "The RV-10 TDI Arrives"

Diesels For Homebuilts

Continental CD-230
Continental CD-230

This time last year, Continental was officially limiting EAB diesel applications to kit manufacturer's supervised build programs, the notable example being the Diesel Sportsman. However, that's scheduled to change as Continental quietly gains experience with individual installations. Continue reading "Diesels For Homebuilts"

American Legend Gets a Superior Diesel

At AirVenture 2015, Superior Air Parts provided a progress report on their new Gemini three-cylinder diesel, showing off an installation in an American Legend Cub.

$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub

Bosch fuel injection is used on the new Superior Gemini diesel. What look like cam covers are actually crankshaft covers in this opposed-cylinder engine.
Bosch fuel injection is used on the new Superior Gemini diesel. What look like cam covers are actually crankshaft covers in this opposed-cylinder engine.

General aviation engines too stagnant for you? Superior Air Parts has an affordable cure coming in their just announced Gemini diesel at $24,900. First application is on the Super Legend Cub as we learned in a joint announcement from Superior and Legend Cub this morning at AirVenture.

No clone this, the new Gemini - it is a water cooled, two-crankshaft, opposed piston 3-cylinder 2-stroke. That means three cylinder bores, each with two pistons reciprocating towards each other. The dual crankshafts live at the outer ends of the engine where the valves and rocker arms normally found in typical horizontally-opposed aircraft engines. Continue reading "$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub"

Progress Report: Engineered Power Solutions

EPS engine (Photo: EPS)
EPS engine (Photo: EPS)

Dedicated engine enthusiasts will recall Engineered Propulsion Systems (www.eps.aero) has been developing a high-performance 8-cylinder diesel specifically for general aviation. We first reported on this modern, clean-sheet design in the over 300 hp class three years ago and are happy to hear EPS has announced at Air Venture they are now fully funded with launch customers set and 2017 as the expected date we’ll see production hardware. Continue reading "Progress Report: Engineered Power Solutions"