Experimental Roots

vashon ranger

I got a chance to fly a new airplane that - while not experimental itself (it's a production SLSA), its roots run deep in our world. The airplane - the Ranger by Vashon Aircraft - is designed for the training market, powered by the old reliable O-200, and was designed by Ken Kruger, former chief engineer for Van's Aircraft.  Ken was the engineering force behind a number of today's most popular aircraft kits, and now serves as an independent design consultant. Vashon Aircraft  - a sister company to Dynon Avionics - hired him to create the Ranger, and the aircraft is poised to go into production in the near future. Continue reading "Experimental Roots"

New Dual Band ADS-B Receiver from Dynon

The dual band SV-ADSB-472 receives ADS-B traffic via 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz. In the US, it also receives free text and graphical weather from the FAA's network of ADS-B ground stations. Unlike portable ADS-B receivers, SkyView and AF-5000 pilots receive FULL ADS-B and radar traffic when the SV-ADSB-472 is paired with our Mode-S transponder and SV-GPS-2020. The remote mounted receiver utilizes an externally mounted antenna for superior ADS-B reception. Continue reading "New Dual Band ADS-B Receiver from Dynon"