PMag for 6-Cylinder Engines

Brad of eMAg with a new 6-cylinder ignition on the left and a legacy 4-cylinder on the right.

Sun 'n Fun 2017 boasts a super selection of vendors with products for builders and owners of EAB aircraft. There are four large hangars in addition to acres of outdoor displays. If you were shopping for an electronic ignition to replace standard magnetos you were especially spoilt for choice with the manufacturers of four such systems on hand to answer questions and sell their wares. Continue reading "PMag for 6-Cylinder Engines"

Choice and Consequences

It’s all about the choices we make—and the consequences of those choices. In this case, our choice was to build an RV-3 – an airplane that we have thoroughly enjoyed for just about 600 hours of flying now. The consequence – an RV-3 has very little room between the back of the engine and the firewall. Space is at a premium, and when you add a constant speed prop and an oil filter to an IO-320, you start working back there like a surgeon through a microscope. Continue reading "Choice and Consequences"

6-Cylinder E-Mag

E-Mag - 6-cylinder

We were in a rush, the E-Mag booth was full of customers and so we didn't get to chat up the details, but the main news at E-Mag is they are introducing a 6-cylinder version of their electronic ignition-with-alternator magneto-replacement system.

Granted, this is not the freshest news as E-Mag has already announced the new 6-cylinder unit—and the subsequent delays in its market debut. But the new ignition will arrive shortly says E-Mag. The company is hoping for August deliveries and we’ll say Labor Day might be a good memory gouge to check-in on the situation. Continue reading "6-Cylinder E-Mag"

E-MAG Ignitions Taking Orders for Six-cylinder P-Mag

E-MAG 200 Series
E-MAG 200 Series

E-MAG Ignitions of Azle, Texas, the makers of the P-Mag electronic ignition, announced that they are close to releasing their long awaited six cylinder E-MAG ignition (starting in June). This date is close enough that, for the first time, they are ready to start accepting customer deposits of $200 per ignition. Despite numerous offers over the years, they have declined to take deposits until they could see that production was in sight. When asked why they felt that it was now time to take deposits, E-Mag's Brad Dement said "we have a long waiting list and deposits are the best way to "shake out the dust" so we can fashion a realistic and considerate delivery schedule".

Please email any questions to

For more information, check out their web page at

E-Mag Delivering a Six Cylinder Unit for Experimentals

Six cylinder E-mag ignition system

Face it. The big bore, high compression engines of today are handicapped by the simple fact that they cannot adjust their ignition timing for varying flight conditions. Magnetos just don't do it. And because of that, our piston engines don't always develop power efficiently. An electronic engine ignition system can, as we all know, but the options for those desiring electronic ignition for their aircraft, until recently, have been slim. Continue reading "E-Mag Delivering a Six Cylinder Unit for Experimentals"

E-Mag Simplified Electronic Ignition Coming Soon

E-Mag, the maker of self-powered electronic ignitions, has announced the pending release of its six-cylinder model for the Lycoming (I)O-540. The six cylinder, self-powered electronic ignition will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010. Priced at $1600, this ignition boasts a significant weight savings over traditional magnetos. It provides all of the advantages of the four cylinder 114 P-mags, but with fewer moving parts. By using fewer moving parts, E-Mag has reduced the parts count of this ignition to one. Yes, you read that correctly: There is only one moving part in the new ignition. Continue reading "E-Mag Simplified Electronic Ignition Coming Soon"