AirVenture 2017 Facts and Figures

"What an incredible year it was at Oshkosh. From the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Apollo reunion, to new aviation innovations on display and two B-29s flying formation as part of 75 years of bombers on parade, it was a week filled with 'OnIy at Oshkosh' moments. You could feel the energy as thousands of airplanes arrived early and stayed longer, pushing aircraft camping to capacity for most of the event. The aviators and enthusiasts who attended were engaged, eager, and passionate, demonstrating how Oshkosh is the best example of why general aviation is so vitally important to the country. I believe it's the best AirVenture week that I've ever seen."

-- EAA Chairman Jack Pelton

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Little Audrey Interesting Oddity

I've seen "Little Audrey" hanging in the EAA museum many times, but never really noticed this little detail before. It is common for airplanes of World War II vintage to have metal-skinned wings and tail surfaces, with fabric - covered controls. But this plane turns that around, skinning the wings with fabric and the ailerons in metal. Continue reading "Little Audrey Interesting Oddity"

Pavilion is a a Great Success

If you build it, they will come.

After years of complaints, requests, and speculation, the EAA built a permanent pavilion in the Homebuilt Camping area at Oshkosh and homebuilders have flocked to it this past week. Equipped with twenty picnic tables, a few serving tables, a half-dozen BBQ grills with utensils, two multi-port electronic charging stations, a wash trough, and, probably most important, a roof to protect against the rain, it immediately became the social focus for homebuilders. Continue reading "Pavilion is a a Great Success"

Blue Barn Dedicated at Oshkosh 2017

Sean Tucker, EAA Young Eagles chairman cut the ribbon at the dedication of the Blue Barn, which will serve as the new home for the Young Eagles program at AirVenture. The facility is located across the street from Forum Pavilion 8 on Knapp Street.

Come Early to Workshops

We wandered by the workshop pavilions this morning and each one was at capacity. Whether you are interested in composites, wood, fabric, metal, or welding, the work stations have limited capacity and this morning's sessions were packed. Continue reading "Come Early to Workshops"

New Digs!

Pilots headed to camp with their homebuilts at AirVenture this year will find something new--a recently finished (they were putting metal on it yesterday) Pavilion dominates the Homebuilt Camping area offering shade, barbecues, tables, charging stations--and morning coffee! The new addition to the AirVenture grounds will become a central meeting point for campers and folks who need a place to take a break from the sun and frenetic activity of the show.

It's not a bad place for a journalist to sit with an iPad and scratch out stories either.