EAA Talks Homebuilt Reform With FAA

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) says that its Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) rulemaking initiative has made substantial progress after a meeting with FAA officials in Washington, D.C., earlier this week. EAA also met with the FAA during AirVenture to discuss MOSAIC, which is designed to "relieve builders of well-proven homebuilts of some of the burdens that have limited their aircraft's use and flexibility but not enhanced safety." Continue reading "EAA Talks Homebuilt Reform With FAA"

Now THAT'S a Squeezer Yoke!


It's no joke folks - if you want to do a big job, you need some big tools. Most metal airplane builders are familiar with squeezer yokes - heavy steel shapes that attach to either a pneumatic cylinder or a hand squeezer to squeeze rivets and dimple sheet metal. Really big ones might handle a depth of about four inches. But for some jobs, you need to reach really far inside the sheet from the edge, and for this, most folks use a C-frame dimpler that you hit with a hammer. Continue reading "Now THAT'S a Squeezer Yoke!"

AirVenture 2018 Facts and Figures

The EAA has tallied up the numbers for this year's AirVenture and the numbers are good.

"A 'perfect' event may be unattainable, but AirVenture 2018 came about as close as one could imagine. The combination of outstanding programs, aircraft variety, a robust economy, and good weather combined to complement the efforts of our staff and 5,000 volunteers throughout the grounds. The week was upbeat, exciting, and filled with many 'Only at Oshkosh' moments."

--EAA Chairman Jack Pelton

Attendance: Approximately 601,000, nearly two percent above of 2017's record total. Continue reading "AirVenture 2018 Facts and Figures"

KITPLANES Briefs the FAA on Experimental's Capabilities

Paul Dye (left) demonstrating the RV-6's avionics to FAA's Division Director of Policy and Innovation Michael Romanowski.

KITPLANES Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye responded to an EAA request for a demonstration on the glass screen capabilities on today's homebuilt aircraft. The plan was to compare the possibilities in an experimental to the EAA's fully STC-updated C172 and an "average" jet. Continue reading "KITPLANES Briefs the FAA on Experimental's Capabilities"

Reducing Loss of Control Accidents

Risk Management is an important topic within the EAA, especially when you consider that loss of control accidents are the biggest killer of pilots in the E-AB community. This year, the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center has created three training scenarios for their RedBird Simulations that let pilots experience an engine failure on take-off, the perils of the steep pullout after a low pass, and the feeling of losing it in the base-to-final turn and ending up in a spin. Continue reading "Reducing Loss of Control Accidents"

Tom Poberezny to Speak at Paul and Audrey Poberezny's Former Residence

Tom Poberezny will present a talk on the history of EAA in the backyard of his father's former residence on 4375 Waupun Road.

Tom Poberezny, former president of the Experimental Aircraft Association, will present a talk on highlights in EAA's history in the backyard of his parents' former residence, on 4375 Waupun Road in Oshkosh, on Wednesday, July 25 at 1 p.m. The event is included that day as part of the Poberezny home tours that are taking place throughout EAA AirVenture week.  Continue reading "Tom Poberezny to Speak at Paul and Audrey Poberezny's Former Residence"