One Week Wonder airplane returns to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2018

The hugely popular One Week Wonder project, where a complete airplane is built over a seven-day period, is returning to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2018. The 66th annual Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in convention will be at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh on July 23-29.

The new RV-12iS showcases its new engine - and many more detailed refinements that make this a capable, comfortable airplane.
The new RV-12iS showcases its new engine - and many more detailed refinements that make this a capable, comfortable airplane.

This time, the airplane will be a Van's RV-12iS, a member of the family of kit aircraft that are the most popular kits in the world. Van's Aircraft will be celebrating the 10,000th RV flying during AirVenture 2018.

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E/AB Accident Rate Drops to Historic Lows

Fatal accidents in experimental category aircraft, particularly amateur-built aircraft, continued their decline during the Federal Aviation Administration's 2017 fiscal year that ended September 30, falling to historic lows.

For the 12-month period from October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2017, fatal accident totals in amateur-built aircraft were down 18 percent to just 27, compared with 33 during the 2016 fiscal year. That continues a four-year trend that has seen a total drop of 47 percent in fatal accidents, despite an increasing amount of flight hours each year over that period. The specific totals compare to 40 amateur-built aircraft fatal accidents during the 2015 fiscal year and 51 in the 2014 fiscal year. Continue reading "E/AB Accident Rate Drops to Historic Lows"

Van's 3D CAD Panel Models Released

Van's Aircraft, Inc announced the release of 3D models of both the panel and sub panel areas for our popular kit aircraft to enable builders to design their panel installations in CAD.

Now that Solid Works is available for every EAA member, and Fusion 360 free of charge for home use, Van's has received several requests from builders for 3D models of the panel and sub panel.

Files are available for the following aircraft RV-7 & 9 (Tip-Up & Slider), RV-8, RV-10 and RV-14, on the downloads page of the Van's Aircraft web site. We have posted files in an IGS format recognized by SolidWorks and Fusion 360 as well as many other CAD programs. Users who wish to have files in another format may use the aforementioned CAD programs or a third party program to convert the files.

RV-10 panel.

Garmin and Dynon/AFS have 3D models of their equipment available for download on their web sites, see the links below.

For many builders the panel layout is a highlight of the project, and these models may make it even more enjoyable.

Homebuilt Aircraft Council Gets New Chairman

Vic Syracuse. Photo: EAA.

EAA Chairman and CEO Jack J. Pelton announced that Vic Syracuse, EAA 180848, of Locust Grove, Georgia, has been named the new chairman of EAA's Homebuilt Aircraft Council. Syracuse is assuming the role from departing chairman Rick Weiss, EAA Lifetime 214428.

"I would like to thank Rick for his dedicated service and leadership over the last nine years," Pelton said. "Under Rick's leadership, your council has been an important asset to EAA and to the entire homebuilt community."

EAA's Homebuilt Aircraft Council ensures the organization's continued focus on vital programs of benefit to current and future homebuilders. This council of EAA volunteer leaders represents homebuilders and provides direction for programs, services, and activities that add value for members who are dreaming of, building, buying, and flying homebuilt aircraft.

Syracuse has a long history with EAA, not to mention extensive building experience, having completed 11 aircraft projects including a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL, a Prescott Pusher, two Kitfoxes, and multiple Van's RVs. He is the East Coast representative for Van's Aircraft, an FAA designated airworthiness representative (DAR) for amateur-built aircraft and an EAA technical counselor, flight advisor, and a Young Eagles pilot, not to mention the owner and operator of Base Leg Aviation.

Syracuse is extremely excited about his new role.

"I keep thinking somebody's going to pinch me and wake me up," he said. "We've got a lot of momentum going, and it's a great group of people." His personal goals for the council include trying to get more people involved in homebuilding.

"We've got a segment of the population that isn't career focused in aviation, and I question if we're doing enough for them," he said. "The kids are gone, and they make comments like, 'Boy, I wish I'd have learned to fly.' Next line is how expensive it is. ... But they could build airplanes. Their kids could learn to fly. ... And it becomes a good family kind of thing."