Hartzell Propeller Sponsors Tech Talks, Pilot Proficiency & Air Shows at AirVenture

Propellers will be everywhere at EAA AirVenture 2018, to be held July 23-29. With more than 500,000 Hartzell props manufactured and flown over the past one hundred years, it is a sure bet that attendees of Oshkosh's famous fly-in will see and experience the company's leading aerodynamic and technological advances. Continue reading "Hartzell Propeller Sponsors Tech Talks, Pilot Proficiency & Air Shows at AirVenture"

RST Engineering Looking for Beta Testers

Jim Weir, long-time Kitplanes columnist and founder of RST Engineering (the copper tape antenna folks) is looking for a few BUILDERS who would like to join a focus group for their planned electronics/avionics products. They would like to get everybody from electronic engineers with 50 years experience to folks who have trouble changing the batteries in their flashlights, and all in between levels.

Continue reading "RST Engineering Looking for Beta Testers"

Playing Hooky - Going to Class!

I'm sure I won't get much sympathy from readers, but after four days at a show like Sun 'n Fun, I've sort of had enough - at least for a little while. So what do I do? I look for a way to disappear for a couple of hours. Today I followed the advice of Kitplanes contributor Nigel Speedy and found the workshop building in the trees between the forums and the main show. I showed up just in time to find a spot in the Fabric Covering class sponsored by PolyFiber, and since the last airplane I helped to recover was way back in the mists of time (when I was a teenager), I figured I'd get up to speed on modern techniques and methods. Continue reading "Playing Hooky - Going to Class!"

Wisconsin to Florida in a Student-Built RV-12

Jim Senft and Ron Chisholm of Westosha Wisconsin had just flown an RV-12.

Due to airshow commitments in Georgia later this week I found myself driving to Sun 'n Fun for the first time in over 30 years. The normal two-hour flight turned into a 6 -1/2 car drive down I-75. So there I was sitting at the pool at the Hampton Inn in Plant City when two guys come through the gate, one of whom was wearing a Van's cap. What a surprise! It took all of two seconds to strike up a conversation and the excitement that exuded from these two was fascinating! Continue reading "Wisconsin to Florida in a Student-Built RV-12"