New Integrated Flight Deck For Experimentals from BendixKing

BendixKing XVue Touch

With little fanfare, at Sun 'n Fun 2018 BendixKing was showing its new XVue Touch integrated flight deck for experimental aircraft. Priced at $5499, the XVue Touch system has a high-resolution (near 4K graphics) 10.1-inch WUXGA color display with split-screen capability. The coated glass used on the display is anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-smudge. The tech trickles down, in part, from hardware used in the F-16 fighter aircraft's avionics, according to BendixKing. Continue reading "New Integrated Flight Deck For Experimentals from BendixKing"

GRT Avionics' New HUD for Experimental Aircraft

Actual view of HUD in flight over Michigan on a sunny summer day. Note the brightness of the screen and the clarity of the combiner glass. Photo: GRT.

A heads up display can now be part your a GRT Avionics equipped airplane for as little as $300. GRT's pursuit of heads up display technology has led to support for the Hudly automotive after-market heads up display. Graphics optimizations in the GRT remote app, combined with the impressive readability and value of the Hudly have resulted in the first practical heads up display for experimental and general aviation (certified) airplanes.

  • Aircraft mounted heads-up display
  • Sunlight-Readable Color Symbology
  • Primary Flight Data
  • Flight Director and HSI Guidance
  • Lateral/Vertical Deviation for Approach
  • Stall warning and all other features of GRT Vision App

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Garmin 470 Touchscreen Portrait Displays - First Look

When Garmin introduced the G3X Touch displays as an upgrade to the original G3X a few years ago, they did so with a large screen, landscape format screen that provided plenty f room to display everything a pilot needed to navigate and monitor aircraft systems. They followed it up with a 7" landscape display for those that wanted a secondary display, but had limited panel space. Neither of these fit in the place of the original G3X 370/375 portrait format displays, making upgrading to the faster touch screens difficult for some. Continue reading "Garmin 470 Touchscreen Portrait Displays - First Look"

Avidyne Certifies IFD550, R10.2 and More

Avidyne Corporation announced that they have received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval and an Approved Model List- Supplemental Type Certificate (AML-STC) for their new IFD550 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM with Attitude Reference System (ARS). This certification also includes FAA approval of Release 10.2 (R10.2) software provide include a host of new features including Synthetic Vision and two-way wireless connectivity with Avidyne’s new IFD100 iPad App. Avidyne has also received approval for their new, IFD545, IFD510 and IFD410 FMS/GPS systems. Continue reading "Avidyne Certifies IFD550, R10.2 and More"

New Adventure in Avionics


Anyone that has followed my airplane projects over the years probably has figured out that I love to work with new avionics. I am always happy to install and test the latest in EFISs, radios, and engine monitors, and have the fleet of airplanes sitting in the hangar to prove it. Dynon, Garmin, GRT--I don't have an AFS EFIS, but I do have two of their AoA systems (and like their EFIS when I fly with one)! But one system I have not had a chance to really dig in to – until now – has been one of the offerings from MGL. That changes as we start building a panel for our Xenos Motorglider. Continue reading "New Adventure in Avionics"

EAA STC Expanded to Include Dynon’s 7-Inch EFIS-D100 and Additional Eligible Aircraft

Dynon EFIS-D100
Dynon EFIS-D100

Just in time for AirVenture 2016, the FAA recently added the EFIS-D100 as an acceptable substitute to the EFIS-D10A on EAA's STC. With this addition, the EFIS-D100 becomes the only 7-inch widescreen PFD available for installation into legacy type-certificated aircraft. Best of all, EFIS-D100 configurations with the minimum equipment required by the EAA STC start at only $3,195. Continue reading "EAA STC Expanded to Include Dynon’s 7-Inch EFIS-D100 and Additional Eligible Aircraft"