Wiring Time!

winring bits and pieces on the floor

It's easy to tell when a shop is deep into avionics wiring - at least it is in my shop! I generally start by hooking each wire up and one end and then estimating the length of each wire run. I then add about 10% to my guess, just to make sure that I won't come up short when attaching the second end to its destination - an inch too short is just aggravating. But that extra length always ends up somewhere, and that somewhere is the shop floor. Bits and pieces of wire, pitot/static tubing, masking tape (used to temporarily label wires) - and lots of pink or orange wire tires. Continue reading "Wiring Time!"

TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger

TCW Technologies debuted its IBBS-Intelligent Backup Battery System-last year to the sound of thanks and praise by builders wanting to outfit their EFISes with external backup power. The system is a remote-mount box with a battery and sophisticated charging and power-switching circuitry, allowing for automatic backup of flight-critical electrical items. Continue reading "TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger"