Superior Engines Daily Forums at AirVenture 2019

Scott Hayes, vice president, sales and marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced that the company is again hosting its series of 45-minute educational forums during Oshkosh AirVenture 2019.

"We are very proud of the outstanding support that our forum series has received over the years," Hayes said. "We see many of the same people returning year-after-year and each time they tell us they've learned something new about the care and operation of their aircraft's engine." Continue reading "Superior Engines Daily Forums at AirVenture 2019"

Superior Buying Back All XP-400 and XP-382 Engines

Superior XP-400 crankshaft
Superior XP-400 crankshaft

Superior Air Parts announces it is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back program for all XP-382 and XP-400 experimental engines

The company is contacting each XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental engine owner to arrange to immediately buy-back their engine.

Scott Hayes, VP, Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back of all the Superior Air Parts XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental aircraft engines in the field.
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Engine Day!

SubSonex turbojet engine

I know that "Kneeboard Notes" is supposed to be about flying as well as building--but winter weather seems to have settled into our little valley on the eastern side of the Sierra, and this week has presented low clouds, snow, freezing mist--all of those things that tell you not to open the hangar door. But that's OK - there's lots of building on on in the shop. Today, however, in addition to building we spent all day keeping an eye out for the FedEx truck because it was Engine Day! Engine Day - the special holiday celebrated by all homebuilders when a package worth at least a third of the completed aircraft arrives. In our case - more like 50%... Continue reading "Engine Day!"

D-Motor North America returns to AirVenture

D-Motor exhibit. Photo courtesy of D-Motor.

D-Motor North America is returning to AirVenture and will be located in Booth 639 on Homebuilt Road. D-Motor NA is the Master Distributor of D-Motor engines. We will have examples of our 4 and 6 cylinder flat-head engines in the booth for all to see. We will have our US Dealer reps as well as company reps from Belgium at the booth all week to answer your questions. Continue reading "D-Motor North America returns to AirVenture"