News from Lycoming

Lycoming has announced a new program that provides significant discounts with the return of a select engine core. "We have many customers that have flown behind Lycoming Engines their entire flying careers," said Todd Stoner, Lycoming vice president of marketing and sales. "This program is meant to reward the loyalty of those customers whose engine core was either rebuilt or overhauled at the Lycoming factory." Continue reading "News from Lycoming"

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2009: LSA Engine Survey

New to the world of LSA? One of the things you'll discover is that your engine choice makes a big difference, in terms of both weight and performance. For an overview of the three top choices in the light sport segment, Marc Cook, Editor-in-Chief of KITPLANES magazine, visits Rotax, Jabiru, and Continental on the grounds of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida.

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A New Spin on Plane Power

While this M-Squared ultralight may not look like a Mazda RX-8 sports car, its powerplant does share the same rotary-engine technology, with a single-rotor mill that made five big guys strain to hold it back during a runup test in Paradise City. So power, apparently, isn't lacking.

Better still, M-Squared boss Paul Mather (second from left) tells us he's shooting for an engine-and-all price for this machine in the $15,000 range.

For more information, visit M-Squared.

InDUS Aviation Announces Diesel LSA

The folks at InDUS Aviation, manufacturers of the Thorpedo Light Sport Aircraft and kit have done it again. The Thorpedo was the first new LSA on the market several years ago, and today the company is proud to show off a Thorpedo that sips Jet A. Yes, you read that right. This LSA has a Wilksch WAM diesel engine under the cowling.

The engine, a 120 hp, 3-cylinder, two-stroke, turbocharged inverted Diesel has all mechanical linkage and is the only ASTM compression ignition compliant engine available. It has a mechanical control unit and automotive glow plugs. Cruise fuel flow is 3 gph, which gives the Thorpedo a 500-mile range at 100 knots.

The engine, designed to produce 120 horsepower, was originally conceived to be a direct replacement for the Continental O-200 engine. It weighs 269 lbs, including fluids and prop. The cowling of the Thorpedo was recently tweaked for efficiency and cooling by none other than the speed experts at the LoPresti “skunkworks” in Vero Beach, Florida, and will undergo additional mods to eke out a few more knots with the WAM engine.

"We've tested this engine for 4 years and more than 400 hours in England," explained InDUS Aviation founder Dr. Ram Pattisapu. "This airplane is designed to be green, and also to address the need for LSA aircraft around the world. Outside of the U.S. we don't have the luxury of easily available and affordable avgas. A strong, light Diesel engine is the answer there," he says.