Arion Aircraft to be Distributor for Jabiru Engines, FWF Kits and Parts in North America

Jabiru 3300 4th generation engine
Jabiru 3300 4th generation engine

Arion Aircraft of Shelbyville, Tennessee has been appointed as the North American importer and distributor for Jabiru Engines, FWF Kits and Jabiru Parts. Arion Aircraft will be the exclusive importer and will market the full line engines and parts manufactured in Australia by Jabiru Aircraft Pty, Ltd. Continue reading "Arion Aircraft to be Distributor for Jabiru Engines, FWF Kits and Parts in North America"

Ly-Con Expands

Lycon, Brian Boyles
Brian Boyles, manager at Kendra Air Parts, in the new parts warehouse. Kendra Air Parts mainly supplies parent company Ly-Con with engine parts and accessories for its engine building business, but also supports direct parts sales to outside customers.

After decades of developing innovative methods of building stock and hot-rodded experimental Lycomings and Continentals, Visalia, California based Ly-Con is adding square footage to its operation. Growing capabilities in engine dyno testing, cryogenic treatment and a burgeoning parts department are the main drivers of the expansion. Continue reading "Ly-Con Expands"

Free Engine? Yes - but with a catch!

MWfly sent us news of their new competition--a chance for one lucky builder to win an engine for their project. The catch? They will be competing with other builders mounting similar MWfly engines. The winning design will be chosen by a jury picked by the company, and their engine purchase cost refunded. This is an international competition, and is certainly a unique and interesting marketing idea. Ideally, it will encourage the use of the engine, and hopefully generate some new design applications. Continue reading "Free Engine? Yes - but with a catch!"

Tempest Introduces Easy Drain Oil Filter Drain Tool

Tempest Plus Marketing Group (TPMG) announced the immediate availability of the Tempest® Easy Drain oil filter drain tool--a product innovation specifically engineered to help owners and aviation maintenance technicians rethink the way they change their oil. Now, with the Easy Drain tool, routine maintenance is easier, faster, less messy, and less expensive. Continue reading "Tempest Introduces Easy Drain Oil Filter Drain Tool"

Front Seal Tool

How many of you have replaced the front crankshaft seal on a Lycoming engine? Yeah....I see a lot of hands up, which is what I figured. These seals can last the life of an engine, or be problematic children that seal and leak and get replaced a bunch of times in a short number of hours. My hypothesis is that it all has to do with how clean you get the bore. Or what adhesive you use. Or how you hold your tongue when you apply the sealant. Or... well, you get the point - probably a lot of things. Continue reading "Front Seal Tool"