The Call

Hmmm... unknown caller from Georgia on the cell phone. With the amount of robocalls for cruise lines that seems to be generated these days, I generally let unknowns go to voice mail, but OK - I'll bite. Might be a homebuilder that needs some help! "Hello, Mr Dye? This is [name withheld]. I'm an aviation safety inspector with the FAA in Georgia." Deep breath Paul... let's see what comes next...  "I'm with the ADS-B Focus Team, and I'd like to email you the latest report for your RV-3 - there are some ADS-B exceptions that need to be addressed, and we'd like to help you out." Whew... so they didn't find out about that time when... oh, never mind... Continue reading "The Call"

The Survey

FAA survey

I got one of those little postcards in the mail today - the ones you get from the FAA semi-occasionally that ask you to participate in the annual aircraft survey which is used "to calculate fleet size and the hours flown by the general aviation community", to quote the p[postcard. The card is addressed to the owner of a particular aircraft (this year it was referencing our Dream Tundra) and send you to the web to take the survey, which is conducted by a contractor. Continue reading "The Survey"

EAA, GA Groups Unified in Opposition to ATC Privatization

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) today joined a consortium of general aviation groups united in opposition to legislation introduced by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), which includes provisions to turn the nation's air traffic control infrastructure and services to a privatized, non-profit board dominated by commercial aviation interests. Continue reading "EAA, GA Groups Unified in Opposition to ATC Privatization"

The ATC Privatization Proposal - A Bad Idea for General Aviation

President Trump's characterization of the United States Air Traffic Control system was a statement, unsupported by evidence, that listeners are supposed to believe and take as face value. He describes the system as "an ancient, broken, horrible system that doesn't work" - which could not possibly be farther from the truth. In reality, the US ATC system is, without a doubt, the best in the world, handling a volume of traffic that far exceeds that of any other system anywhere. It does this with a degree of safety that is as close to 100% as you can measure, and while there are always efficiencies to be gained with modernization (a process that pilots are already paying for in the cost of ADSB equipage), there is no doubt that the system is measurably without peer. Unfortunately the vast majority of non-aviators, knowing nothing more than that they have had a flight delay on an airline, has no idea that the President's statements are merely political posturing. Continue reading "The ATC Privatization Proposal - A Bad Idea for General Aviation"