Always Learning!

For the first time in many years, I find myself studying for some FAA written exams - sure, I've done license upgrades and type ratings along the way, but none of them required knowledge tests (the modern term for written exams) - but now I am working on getting ready for the A&P exams, and yup - three knowledge tests are required. And while I am a degreed aeronautical engineer who has been in the business for close to four decades, I must admit that it is almost embarrassing how much there is to “re-learn” – and I am talking simple stuff. Let’s face it, the last time I analyzed a series/parallel resistor circuit was probably back when I took “electrical engineering for dummies” (the EE course taught to all of the non-EE engineers) at the U of M. Continue reading "Always Learning!"

Sure, I Planned That


Sometimes its just fine to be lucky when what you'd really like to be is good. Take, for instance, the rear corner of the typical baffle seals on a typical Lycoming installation. You have a baffle seal that comes down the side, and another that comes across the back--and where they intercept, you need to make sue that they overlap in a friendly way to get a good seal on the cowling. Sometimes, they just don't want to be friendly when they are new, so I have always used a little persuasion – a flush #8 screw, Tinnerman washer, and nut on the back side. It holds the corner together nicely. Continue reading "Sure, I Planned That"

Firewall Forward Options for Van's RV-12 on Display at Sun 'n Fun 2013

Pete Krotje flies his Jabiru 2200 powered RV-12.
Pete Krotje flies his Jabiru 2200 powered RV-12.

The Van's Aircraft RV-12, with more than 200 units sold, is quick becoming one of the most popular two-place kit aircraft that can be flown by Sport Pilots. Though Van's Aircraft provides the builders with a capable firewall forward package, including a Rotax 912ULS, some builders are looking for powerplant options.

At $18,500, the Jabiru 2200, an 80hp engine with firewall-forward kit including cowling and prop from Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft LLC,  is an economical choice for RV-12 builders looking for direct-drive simplicity with great fuel specifics, according to Krotje, who has been selling Jabiru's in the U.S. since 2001. Continue reading "Firewall Forward Options for Van's RV-12 on Display at Sun 'n Fun 2013"