Garmin 470 Touchscreen Portrait Displays - First Look

When Garmin introduced the G3X Touch displays as an upgrade to the original G3X a few years ago, they did so with a large screen, landscape format screen that provided plenty f room to display everything a pilot needed to navigate and monitor aircraft systems. They followed it up with a 7" landscape display for those that wanted a secondary display, but had limited panel space. Neither of these fit in the place of the original G3X 370/375 portrait format displays, making upgrading to the faster touch screens difficult for some. Continue reading "Garmin 470 Touchscreen Portrait Displays - First Look"

Garmin® TeamX introduces new G3X™ Touch display for experimental aircraft

Garmin announced a new addition to the G3X Touch glass flight display family, the 7-inch G3X Touch portrait display. For first generation G3X customers, the new 7-inch portrait display offers an easy upgrade path as the existing footprint is easily adaptable to the new display and includes all of the same features as the popular G3X Touch 10.6-inch and 7-inch landscape displays. Additionally, the new GMU 11 magnetometer allows for more flexible and cost-effective installation options for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft (LSA). Continue reading "Garmin® TeamX introduces new G3X™ Touch display for experimental aircraft"