Glasair Aviation Retires the Glasair Model

Glasair Aviation is alive and well selling Sportsman kits and continuing with their popular two-weeks-to-taxi program, however the eponymous Glasair airplane is now officially retired. The last kit is sold, the molds are shot, so the end has come. The plane that invented "fast glass" is no more. They will continue to grace the skies for many years to come, but anyone who wants to build one will have to scour the resale market for kits or parts. Continue reading "Glasair Aviation Retires the Glasair Model"

Van's and Glasair are Hiring

Glasair Sportsman
Glasair Sportsman

Two kit aircraft manufacturers are hiring. Van's Aircraft and Glasair Aviation published ads for job openings, so if you like airplanes, and more importantly, experimental aircraft, check them out: Continue reading "Van's and Glasair are Hiring"

Alperin Sportsman

I completed construction of the Glasair Sportsman on November 1, 2016 in the Two Week to Taxi program at Glasair Aviation and received the airworthiness certificate the next day. The plane remained at Glasair Aviation and had the required 40 hours of test flying completed and was then sent to the paint shop. The finishing touches and final preparation were done by the Glasair technicians and the plane was once again test flown and made ready for our arrival last week to take delivery.

Scott Alperin (right) ready to depart on an adventure across the country with Robert Metelko.

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Kicking Back at the AirVenture Seaplane Base

Prominently displayed Coot A amphibian built and owned by John Ohnstad of Fargo, ND.
Prominently displayed Coot A amphibian built and owned by John Ohnstad of Fargo, ND.

Perhaps nothing is as cathartic after a few days of dodging AirVenture golf carts, trying to carry on conversations in between T-6 passes, and slathering on sun screen as an afternoon at the Seaplane Base. People at the seaplane base mostly stroll or sit under the trees. There are no golf carts although a few scooters are parked. No music or banter over loud speakers. Arriving and departing aircraft run just above idle in the harbor. Everyone seems relaxed and very happy.

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Dynon Touch Installed in the Glasair Sportsman

Dynon showed off the beautiful Dynon Touch-equipped Sportsman owned by five Dynon employees. This plane and the AFS-equipped RV-10 (owned by Rob Hickman) are displayed outside at the northeast corner of Hangar D.

Read about the Dynon employees and their Two Week to Taxi Sportsman on the Glasair Aviation blog.



Mark Banus' Glasair SIIS FT

Mark Banus
Mark Banus

After 13 years of construction, Glasair SIIS FT N600 launched from Chesapeake regional (KCPK) on her maiden voyage the morning of Wednesday June 4, 2014 piloted by Maj. Justin Lewis of FLS Micro Jet fame. Dale Fowler in his Glasair N264DD flew the chase plane providing external eyes on and confirming airspeed and altitude readings for Justin.

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