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Stereo plug in a stereo jack - all contacts hit where they should
Stereo plug in a stereo jack - all contacts hit where they should

I love solving problems--it is just hard to find the time to work on the little ones. I have been wiring avionics for more than three decades, and I have wired audio panels in both stereo and mono more times than I can count. I've used just about every headset you can think of, and I have used stereo headsets in mono airplanes, and mono headsets in stereo ships. It usually works out, but sometimes, you just have this little problem that won't go away. Continue reading "Always More to Learn"

Not Your Father’s David Clark


While I generally use very lightweight in-the-ear headsets these days (because they allow me to wear floppy hats in my bubble-canopy airplanes) there is no doubt that there is still a place for the traditional over-the-ear units that have been around forever. Modern over-the-ear headsets are generally equipped with active noise reduction and do a great job of facilitating communications both in the cockpit and over the radio. And one of the big advantages of over the ear headsets is that they work well in a shared environment – for airplanes used by multiple pilots and carrying many different passengers. Lightweights that require foam ear tips are problematic when shared – you have to change the buds or put up with someone else’s ear wax. That's why we always keep a couple of the larger sets on hand for passengers. Continue reading "Not Your Father’s David Clark"

Fly Me to the Moon Contest

Fly me to the moon contest

Lightspeed Aviation announced the Fly Me to the Moon contest, which runs May 23 through June 26, 2016. The pilot who flies the most miles during private flights — as tracked through CloudAhoy tracking and debriefing service — will win their choice of any of the four models of Lightspeed premium ANR headsets including Sierra, Zulu.2, Zulu PFX, or the new Tango wireless headset. First runner up will win a Gann leather flight bag and second runner up will win a Markham leather flight bag, both from Lightspeed's Adventure Flight Bag Collection. Anyone with a free or standard CloudAhoy account can enter the Fly Me to the Moon contest. Continue reading "Fly Me to the Moon Contest"

Sennheiser Withdraws from the Cockpit

Sennheiser S1 Digital Aviation Headset
Sennheiser S1 Digital Aviation Headset

Audio specialist Sennheiser is withdrawing from the pilots' headset business in March 2016. The company says it will fulfill all its obligations for servicing and spare parts throughout the full guarantee period for its headsets. Headsets for the air traffic control (ATC) sector are not affected by this decision, but will continue to be marketed with the current ATC team under the responsibility of the joint venture Sennheiser Communications.

"Our decision to leave the pilots’ headset sector was not taken lightly, especially as we have played a key role in the development of audio transmission in the cockpit, for example by introducing the world’s first headset with active noise compensation to receive FAA-TSO certification,” explained COO Peter Claussen. “We will redirect our aviation-specific resources to focus on our key business of headphone and microphone technology."

The company will fulfill all its servicing and guarantee obligations; generous transition periods have been agreed with airline and equipment partners. “Even after all legal obligations have expired, support can certainly still be offered in individual cases,” Peter Claussen confirmed.


Air traffic control headsets are to remain part of the Sennheiser product portfolio, and the current ATC team will join the headset specialists at Sennheiser Communications from January 2016. Andreas Bach, President of Sennheiser Communications, commented: “We are thrilled that we will be marketing the highly successful Sennheiser ATC headsets, and see great opportunities by exploiting the synergies that exist between the ATC business and our CC&O segment. ATC customers around the world can rely on our premium offerings and services.”

Headset BuyBack Program from Aircraft Spruce

HEADSETAn offer from Aircraft Spruce:

At Aircraft Spruce we understand how difficult it can be justifying buying a new headset when the one you already have still works. We also know how much satisfaction pilots get from having the right equipment which is why we started our Headset Buy-Back Program.

Aircraft Spruce has an opportunity for you to sell your old headset and upgrade to a new top-of-the-line headset. After inspection of your used headset, credit will be applied to your account which can then be used towards the purchase of a new headset (valued at $650+). For the complete details (including the buy-back value and criteria) on the Aircraft Spruce Headset Buy-Back Program, please visit

To request your free copy of the Aircraft Spruce catalog, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-4SPRUCE or visit

Gnarly Noise Negators

Light-1Our first day at Air Venture someone urged us to check out Lightspeed's "new" headsets with the ANR microphone on the outside of the ear cup. They went on about how quiet they were supposed to be and yep, yep, yep, we've heard that before…

Dutifully, we did enter the Lightspeed booth and took the briefing on the Zulu PFX. Turns out these are not new, but were brought to market almost exactly a year ago, but would you like to try on a pair? Continue reading "Gnarly Noise Negators"