Seen at Mojave

We'll admit we had to ask Scott Stearns what his eager looking taildragger was. "A KIS TR-1c," he smiled, and with far fewer than 100 kits built we don't feel so bad about not identifying it. The TR-1 series dates from the 1990's; Stearn's sports healthy IO-360 power "and is the only one with a carbon fiber wing, tail and cowling." Another standout is 80 gallons of fuel carried in front and behind the spar. Cruising at peak EGT at 12,000 ft Stearns reports a 185 kt cruise at peak EGT at 12,000 ft; flaps down stall is 55 kt.

Walking the 2017 Mojave Experimental Fly-In ramp

Pre-event publicity for the 2017 Mojave Experimental Fly-In was low-key this year, but that didn't stop a healthy crop of experimentalists to buzz in for this popular meet-and-greet gathering. Perfectly CAVU, windless weather helped as well. Continue reading "Seen at Mojave"

Viking Announces 180-hp High Altitude Honda Civic Turbo Conversion

Viking 1.5 Turbo

Honda is now building gasoline direct-injected turbo engines, and Viking Aircraft Engines is converting the 1.5-liter powerplant for aircraft use. Direct injection differs from typical aircraft engine fuel injection because the fuel is injected directly into the cylinders, not the intake manifold ports. Direct injection is also used in the 130-hp Viking 130, which is based on the engine from the Honda Fit.  Continue reading "Viking Announces 180-hp High Altitude Honda Civic Turbo Conversion"

Light Sport Engine from Viking to Debut at Sebring

Viking Aircraft Engines is releasing its new gold edition engine, which will be on display at the 2012 Sebring Aviation Expo held January 18 to 22 in Sebring, Florida. The Viking engine is the brainchild of builder Jan Eggenfellner and shares its moving parts with the Honda Fit automobile, the Honda outboard marine engine and a Honda race engine, according to the company. It is not manufactured by Honda.

The Viking-110 firewall-forward package is $13,000.

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