HUD's Up!


I spent some time this weekend testing a new Heads Up Display product from Grand Rapids Technologies, and I think that folks who have been lusting after a real, functional HUD are going to be wanting one! GRT has taken a very simple, commonly available product intended for automotive use (the Hudly, priced at about $300) and adapted it to the experimental market by providing an Android App that runs on a stick PC ($50) or an Android phone which talks to the GRT EFIS via Bluetooth.  Buy the Hudly, get a stick PC or your Android Phone, buy the App from GRT, and you're essentially there. I haven't talked total App price with  GRT, but this is a HUD capability for just a few hundred bucks. Continue reading "HUD's Up!"

GRT Avionics' New HUD for Experimental Aircraft

Actual view of HUD in flight over Michigan on a sunny summer day. Note the brightness of the screen and the clarity of the combiner glass. Photo: GRT.

A heads up display can now be part your a GRT Avionics equipped airplane for as little as $300. GRT's pursuit of heads up display technology has led to support for the Hudly automotive after-market heads up display. Graphics optimizations in the GRT remote app, combined with the impressive readability and value of the Hudly have resulted in the first practical heads up display for experimental and general aviation (certified) airplanes.

  • Aircraft mounted heads-up display
  • Sunlight-Readable Color Symbology
  • Primary Flight Data
  • Flight Director and HSI Guidance
  • Lateral/Vertical Deviation for Approach
  • Stall warning and all other features of GRT Vision App

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PAT Avionics introduces a HUD that works with Dynon SkyView EFIS (video).

PAT Avionics introduces a HUD that works with Dynon SkyView EFIS (video).

PAT Avionics introduces a HUD that works with Dynon SkyView EFIS (video).New from Italian avionics manufacturer PAT Avionics is the G-HULP head up display system. HUD technology is common in military aircraft applications where pilots need to be looking out the windscreen while also monitoring critical flight data. The G-HULP HUD uses laser projection technology that superimposes on a transparent display positioned in front of the pilot and is designed for an easy and customizable attachment to the aircraft glareshield.

The system, that starts at around $5000, can be used stand-alone using a dedicated CPU or through an interface with Dynon's Skyview EFIS system. Thanks to an open architecture, the company is able to plan future interfaces with other manufacturer's avionics suites.

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