Tight Fit - Fun Flight


All in a day's work for a magazine editor - flying one of the tiniest little homebuilts you're ever going to find (note I said "one of the tiniest..." yes, there are smaller planes, but the Hummelbird is down among 'em) – the Hummelbird! We recently spent a couple of days in Bryan, Ohio, looking into the H5 and 'bird models that Hummel Aviation supports and sells in plans or kit form. Reasonably priced, simple, and compact to build, these little airplanes are a dream project for someone who wants to fly a single-seat airplane on a small budget.  Continue reading "Tight Fit - Fun Flight"

Pigeon-Toeing a Hummelbird

Pete Zutrauen greats his public after tying his diminutive Hummelbird to the Oshkosh grass. The high-vis orange paint is, “because it’s good to be seen” when flying over the desolate Ontario woods.

Although running past to another event, we couldn't resist a flirting look at Pete Zutrauen's impossibly small, low and high-visibility Hummelbird. The VW-powered, all-metal single-seater gave him a 100 mph ride to Oshkosh from his Ottawa home; not too fast, but the 1.8 gph fuel burn means he arrived here with far more Loonies in his pocket than we did. Continue reading "Pigeon-Toeing a Hummelbird"