Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module

Astro Link

At Sun 'n Fun this week, Levil Avionics debuted a new ADS-B In receiver to drive various tablet-based systems with no-cost weather and traffic. In addition to the dual-band receiver, the Astro Link has a built-in WAAS GPS receiver and full AHRS module for attitude information. This allows the Astro Link to provide valuable backup attitude data to connected tablets. Continue reading "Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module"

But Do I Need It?

ilevil awOne of the things all of us love to do at any air show where there are a lot of vendors with aircraft parts, avionics and pilot supplies is to browse. Yep, face it guys. You go to shows like Sun 'n Fun as dreamers; and a few of us actually warm up the plastic. I once accused my husband of melting the numbers off one card (in the days before chips). He's more of a doer, less of a dreamer. But even he is guilty of the occasional air show impulse buy.

I am his devil's advocate in that realm. I look at the newest and the coolest and secretly want it all—don’t get me wrong. I just have this annoying practical streak that gets in the way of actual purchases. Continue reading "But Do I Need It?"

WingXPro7 Adds FlightShare® Technology, more ADS-B Functions

WingXPro7 now sports FlightShare technology.
WingXPro7 now sports FlightShare technology.

Pilots and flight crews using Hilton Software LLC's WingXPro7 app for iOS can now share flight plans and other flight information on the ground or in the air, even without an Internet connection. FlightShare uses a one-to-one and one-to-many distribution system, which allows pilots to share flight information with one or more other WingXPro7 equipped iPads on the same network.

Beyond FlightShare WingXPro7 now can interface with the  iLevil ADS-B receiver, which has a built-in AHRS. "The split-screen functionality is perfect when displaying your PFD and GPS navigation simultaneously," said Ananda Leon, Research and Development Lead at Levil Technology.

WingXPro7 is also compatible with the newest Zaon MX1090 ADS-B traffic receiver, Sagetech’s Clarity receivers, and the SkyguardTWX receivers, giving pilots the ability to choose between a wide range of weather and traffic receivers. Each of these receivers are unique and best of all, they are all are FlightShare® compatible, according to Dr. Hilton Goldstein, founder of Hilton Software.