Advanced Flight Systems, Inc. announces new AOA Pro III

AoAAdvanced Flight Systems Inc. has introduced a new probe-based angle-of-attack system based on their proven AOA System. The AOA Pro III uses a super-bright custom LCD with 26 colored segments. This gives the pilot a superior-resolution AOA readout when calibrated to the aircraft.

Unlike other systems, the AOA Pro III uses separate calibration data for flaps up and down for a more accurate solution. It also uses Advanced Flight System’s patented AOA algorithm. The AOA Pro III does not require connection to the aircraft’s existing pitot or static system.

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Garmin Introduces All-Digital Radar Altimeter

0Garmin International Inc. has introduced the GRA 5500, an all-digital radar altimeter for transport category, helicopter, business and general aviation aircraft. Using patent-pending digital signal-processing technology, the GRA 5500 works to provide smooth altitude tracking, resulting in a consistent and highly accurate altitude above ground indication, even over the most challenging environments like rough terrain, tree canopies, sand and choppy water, according to the company.

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Approach Fast Stack Discounts Pro-X Hub Orders

Approach's custom cables plugged into the Pro-X Hub

For kit builders intent on doing it all, from riveting to wiring, the Approach Fast Stack Pro-X Hub and pre-fabricated cables can simplify (read that save you hours of work) the often exasperating task of wiring the sophisticated electronics that make up a typical IFR flight capable panel. The Garmin compatible stack and accompanying cables eliminate wire clutter behind panels and helps the builder to organize the avionics installation, thus simplifying maintenance down the line.

The company is offering 10% all of its products ordered during the 2012 AirVenture show.

For more information visit or see them in Booth 1080.

TCW Technologies Integrated Back-up Battery Now Available

The IBBS from TCW Technologies weighs just 2.5 pounds.

We've tested it at KITPLANES (see Marc Cook's story in the May issue), so we know it works. But now we can say that you, too, can purchase and get immediate delivery on TCW Technologies' Integrated Back-up Battery System (IBBS). For $375 you get a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack, battery charger and automatic back-up power switching hardware that is a simple fix, installation-wise, for either a new or retrofit instrument panel. The integrated system weighs just 2.5 pounds, putting it at less than half the weight of a similar-sized lead-acid battery, and can provide 4 amperes at 12 volts for just under an hour, according to Bob Newman, Jr., co-founder of TCW. Newman has been in on the design of some other TCW safety-oriented products including Safety-Trim, Intelligent Flap-Controller and Intelligent Power Stabilizer. Continue reading "TCW Technologies Integrated Back-up Battery Now Available"